CBD Strain Review: Gorilla Mandarin (11% CBD) From HempHash

At a glance

Strain: Gorilla Mandarin 

From: Hemphash.co.uk

Grown (indoor/outdoor): Indoor (hydroponic)

CBD content: 11%

Total THC content: 0.197%

Summary“The strain’s effects, despite its 11% CBD content, prove highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety, especially if you appreciate citrus notes.”

Overall rating: 10/10

The Review

I recently ordered a few new strains from HempHash to try, and this Gorilla Mandarin really stood out. 

Plus, it’s currency discounted by 25%, meaning you can get 3.5g for £16.46, or 14g for £51.56.  

Delivery and packaging: 10/10

My package was delivered without any issues, reaching my doorstep in just two days. 

HempHash takes great care in packaging their flowers, ensuring they’re well-sealed in plastic and placed inside robust metal containers. These containers come with a handy dehumidifier that keeps the buds fresh.

Beyond their functional features, HempHash packaging is simple and practical for storing flower products.

Bag appeal: 10/10

As a recent cup winner, this Gorilla Mandarin looks as good as any top-shelf bud you could find. 

Vibrant green with popping orange hairs and a sugar coating of trichomes, I can’t fault the bag appeal. 

The buds are not that big, with some popcorn-like nugs, but still have a solid structure. They grind up well with a bit of fluff to them, and are slightly sticky to touch. 

Smell: 9/10

Delicious aroma on this one! Zesty orange with creamy and fruity undertones. Ideal for those who enjoy fruity/zesty qualities in their CBD flower.

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 9/10

Gorilla Mandarin is a very tasty and smooth smoke. It goes down extremely easily, with a lovely taste and nice, even burn. Great flavours, great cure, no complaints.  

Vaping: 10/10

The zesty cream flavours are even more strongly sensed when consumed via a dry herb vape – my favourite way of consuming CBD flower. 

I love orange strains and this one is right up my street. 

Effects: 10/10

11% CBD content might not sound like much, but this Gorilla Mandarin is very effective for reducing stress, anxiety and a racing mind. 

We know that cannabinoids aren’t the only variable when it comes to effects – terpenes and other aromatic compounds are just as important. We also know that individual preferences when it comes to aroma can change how effective a strain is. 

So perhaps it’s the fact that I’m naturally drawn to orange/citrus notes that make this such an effective strain for me. 

If you also like these flavours, I highly recommend trying Gorilla Mandarin. 

Price: 10/10

At £16.46 for 3.5g (25% discount), Gorilla Mandarin is good value. And if you;re looking for a bigger amount, 14g for £51.56 is very good in my opinion – especially for bud of this quality.  

Overall: 10/10

The indoor-grown Gorilla Mandarin from HempHash ticks all my boxes. The product arrives promptly and is well-preserved in high-quality containers. 

The bag appeal is top-notch, with vibrant colours and a delightful aroma, earning it a perfect score of 10/10. 

When it comes to taste, both smoking and vaping provide a satisfying experience, with a zesty and creamy flavour profile. 

The strain’s effects, despite its 11% CBD content, prove highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety, especially if you appreciate citrus notes. 

Lastly, the price point, with a 25% discount, makes it a fantastic value, whether you opt for 3.5g or 14g. 

Overall, the Gorilla Mandarin strain receives a perfect 10/10 rating, making it a highly recommended choice for CBD flower lovers like myself.

You can order Gorilla Mandarin from HempHash here

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