CBD Flower Strain Review: Lemon Skunk (12% CBD) From Hempelf.com

At a glance

Strain: Lemon Skunk

From: Hempelf.com

Grown: Switzerland

CBD content: 12%

Summary: “This is an incredible CBD flower. We rate it as one of the best in the UK. If you like lemon strains, you’ll love this.”

Overall rating: 10/10

The Review

HempElf is one of the most long-running and trusted hemp bud suppliers in the UK. They have a huge range of CBD flowers and hash – all with stellar reviews – and have been my personal CBD bud supplier for a number of months now. 

They are often getting in new flowers and hash so I was excited when they sent us at High & Polite a package with some samples.

HempElf also sells a variety of super high-quality CBD oils, edibles, e-liquids, extracts and cosmetics, as well as accessories like papers and this stoner survival kit.

Delivery and packaging: 10/10

This was sent to us a sample but previous orders usually reach me in 1-2 working days.

They used to use pouches but are now packaging buds in plastic pop-top pots (try saying that while stoned). These pots are superior in that they protect the bud from being squeezed and crushed during delivery.  

First class shipping costs £5.

Aesthetics: 10/10

I last tried Lemon Skunk (12% CBD) from Hemp Elf a few months ago and was impressed. This new sample, however, looks even better. Whereas my previous sample was OK-looking, this new batch just blows it out of the water.

Beautiful, big nugs. Tight and dense and perfectly trimmed. Oh, and it’s awash with trichomes.  The picture on their website doesn’t do it justice. I hope mine does a slightly better job.

Smell: 9/10

Similarly, while the first expression I tried of this strain had a moderately-strong citrus smell, this one is way more pungent. With sweet citrus overtones, the smell coming off this bud was simply lovely, especially after grinding.

While it doesn’t quite have that strong, lingering smell that can be sensed metres away (like some high-grade ‘regular’ weed, it’s one of the best smelling CBD flowers I’ve tried in the UK.

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 9.5/10

Smooth and lemony. You can taste the terpenes as you draw it in. A slight diesel taste detected as well.

Vaping: 10/10

What a pleasure it was to vape this Lemon Skunk from Hempelf. The dense layering of trichomes produced huge clouds of zesty, piney vapour. I was really impressed with the taste when vaped.

Effects: 10/10

Relaxed, awake, trouble-free and clear-minded. These are the effects of CBD flower that I enjoy. And this Lemon Skunk had them all. Perfect after a long day or a strenuous workout.    

Price: 8.5/10

At £11 per gram, Lemon Skunk is priced slightly above average (£10). However, considering the supreme quality of the flower, it’s worth every penny in my book.  

Add on £5 shipping and it starts getting expensive. It makes sense to buy in larger quantities, therefore.

Overall: 9.5/10

This is an incredible CBD flower and we are lucky in the UK to have access to CBD-rich cannabis of this quality. We rate it as one of the best in the UK. If you like lemon strains, you’ll love this.

And others seem to agree; Lemon Skunk has 43 five-star reviews on the HempElf website.

You can buy it here.

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  1. Where can I get the best tasting hemp and best smelling because what I’ve seen people talk loads because I end up ordering some then it tastes like grass haha

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