CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review: ‘Lemon Skunk’ From HempElf

At a glance

Strain: Lemon Skunk CBD (Organic, non-pesticide, non-GMO)

CBD: 12. 6 %

THC: < 0.2 %

From: HempElf.com

Legal: All products are EU certified and legal under EU law & third-party lab tested within UK standards.

Price: Limited sale price of £12.00 per gram. (Normally £17.00 per gram)

Delivery: Super FAST!!

Availability: Regular as a premium product.

Customer care/Discounts: Quick to reply. Sales.

Smell: 9. 2 / 10

Taste: 9. 2 / 10

Toke: 9. 2 / 10

Positive effects: Nice relaxed mental state, followed by a chirpy bounce of a body high. Mood and anxiety greatly improved.

Negative effects: It stinks beautifully but those wary of attracting attention may want to seek some incense to cover the gorgeous smell.

Packaging: Black. Smell proof. Resealable.


Overall Score: 9. 2 / 10


Review & photos by Tinbelly Un Poisson ©

Elves are mysterious beings, well known for their hard work and quality workmanship. This is backed up by stories in folk law and loving recommendations from mythical beings including Bilbo Baggins, Harry Potter, and Santa Claus (to name a few).

Hemp Elves are no exception to this work ethic. These magical beings of Hemp Elf UK belong to the world of “little people” and are invested in bringing quality CBD products to humanity, discreetly, quickly, and with big results.

Lemon Skunk CBD is the first herb I have reviewed from Hemp ELF and it was a very pleasant experience indeed.  My package arrived quickly containing a discreet, chic, black smell-proof packet labelled with its contents and percentages of CBD and THC (12.6 % CBD <0.2 % THC).

When I ripped open the resealable packet of “Lemon Skunk CBD” my senses were immediately hit in the face with its aroma. This strain of CBD really did hit the spot with its tempting perfume.

Smoking my first “Lemon skunk” CBD joint was an absolute pleasure. Perfectly smooth and clean with an uplift in mood.

Like all other strains of CBD flower I have tried, it reduced my tobacco intake and cravings throughout the day. It kept me in a cheery proactive state for quite some time. This strain, in particular, is excellent for anxiety and depression.

In my experience of CBD herbs, I would have to say that this strain is my favourite so far. It very easily could be my daily strain of choice.

Elves are notoriously known as nature lovers and Lemon Skunk CBD shows off this love well with a very satisfying smoke and noticeable medicinal benefits. The taste, the smell and smoke of these flowers are very pleasant indeed.

So what’s the downside?

Unfortunately, it’s the price.

Currently on “sale” for  £12.00 a gram, the price might be seen as a bit steep to some humans. But considering the normal retail price of lemon Skunk is going for a whopping £17.00 a gram, some may miss out on trying this lovely strain.

(HEMP ELF do have cheaper strains, but they also have even higher prices on other products, up to £20 a gram!)

“Lemon skunk” current prices
Sale price: £12.00 Per gram/£336 per Oz

Normal retail price: £17.00 Per gram/£476 per Oz

While there are some discounts for customers buying larger amounts, it still makes “Lemon Skunk” from Hemp Elf the most expensive cannabis I have ever smoked.

People say “you get what you pay for” and this is marketed as a premium product which is very nice, but, …when you can buy an ounce of CBD herb online in the UK for half the price, I have to say it’s a pity but I really don’t earn enough.

It may just be that this new industry takes a little time to settle.

Most retailers of CBD flowers seem to have had erratic stocks, supply changes in strains, price changes and sales etc. I predict that as time moves on, the awareness and popularity of CBD flowers ( and hash, etc) will increase and so will the number of strains being grown as well as the number of competing retailers to supply. So prices will surely keep coming down.

In every market of every product, you will have a low, medium and higher price bracket. Hemp Elf may take this premium market as their quality is high.

If I had the money or was rich beyond my wildest dreams, of course, it would not be a concern. But in my current situation of perfected skintness, HEMP ELF’s “Lemon Skunk” would be purchased more as a treat or for a special occasion.

Once you’ve had a taste though, it will give you a level of expectation for all CBD flowers to live up to.

If you have not tried any CBD flowers at all and are a bit sceptical, a sample from Hemp Elf may convert you completely.

Touch n’ Toke Test

Description:  Dense buds of zesty skunk.

How it smoked in a joint of organic tobacco: Extremely clean, smooth smoke. Well rounded and balanced with a flavoursome zest on the palate. Pleasing strong skunk aromas. This is a quality premium product. Very enjoyable!

Looks: Nicely formed compact buds with trichome crystals.

Smell: Zesty and mild spice aroma.

Abstract taste and smell description: Qualities include tastes and smells of mild lemon curd, peppered fruit jelly, bonbons and sherbet, subtle revolving notes of candied citrus, and comforting honey toast.

Wellbeing: Refreshing clear mind and good body high. Calming qualities with an overall uplift in mood. Excellent mood enhancer and rapid anti-anxiety properties.

Did I miss the THC?: Nah, …..If I had been arrested by the police for the strong smell of Lemon Skunk’s perfumed smoke this strain produces, they would have to let me go on my way as it is 100% legal in the UK and EU.

Did it help with your dyslexia?: Did it F@*K.

Would I buy it again?: DEFO!… YARP!

Buy Lemon Skunk CBD here.

Review and photos: Tinbelly un poisson. ©

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    1. Way too expensive It looks nice but I could get cheaper stuff on the street and I know hemp is legal though. But I can get a henry of CBD flowers for less than £20 from one supplier and brilliant customer care 🙂

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