CBD Flower Strain Review: White Widow (14.41% CBD) from CBDhemp one

Please forgive the blurry photos. I’m still trying to get the hang of my new camera!

At a glance

Strain: White Widow

From: CBDhemp.one

Grown: Switzerland

CBD content: 14.41%

Summary: “The UK CBD flower industry is evolving quickly, and this Swiss-grown, hard-hitting White Widow is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of trying.”

Overall rating: 9.5/10

The Review

This weekend I made a trip up to Birmingham to attend the very first CBD and Hemp Expo. Along with meeting a number of interesting characters, I ran into John from CBDhemp one, a relatively new CBD flower seller that I had yet had the chance to buy from. He very kindly gifted me a sample pack of the CBD flowers he offers.

I’ve heard great things about John’s commitment to the customer experience from a number of High & Polite readers and contributors, as well as the quality of his flowers. So I was excited.

In the sample pack there was a couple of grams of each of the four strains currently available on CBDhemp.com (there’s more coming soon I’m told).

They are: Gorrila Glue, White Widow, AK47, and Amnesia, their so-called “budget strain”.  

While John told me GG was his favourite, this review will be on White Widow, a classic European cultivar that has a special place in my heart – it was the first high-grade flower I ever smoked and a welcome change from the soapbar I was used to!   

Delivery and packaging: 8.5

Can’t comment on delivery but the packaging my buds were in was decent. Heat sealed aluminum-lined pouches that keep the product fresh.

Aesthetics: 8.5/10

It looks great. Solid, bulging flowers. Dark green in colour. Small brown pistils and sticky, slightly amber trichomes which were just about visible by eye.

Under the microscope, it looks like about half of the trichomes are slightly amber in colour. Unusual for THC-rich White Widow, which is famed for its frosty white trichomes.

Smell: 9/10

Yum. This smell takes me back.

Slightly earthy but with a strong piney, floral smell seeping through. Just like the stuff I used to smoke as a wide-eyed teen.

It’s not over-powering, but it has a pungency to it. It’s like you can taste the resin through your nose.

I’m excited to taste it!

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 8.5/10

Just like the famous Dutch genetics which welcomed me to the world of high-grade weed, this CBD White Widow smokes incredibly smooth.

Not one for today’s modern fruity flavour-chasers, this is earthy and musky. A true classic.  

Vaping: 10/10

First of all, this White Widow is one of the best CBD flowers I have vaped. I began at 210°C (415°F), and was blown away by the amount of vapour I inhaled on my first pull. More than most high-grade THC-cannabis flowers.

The taste, however, was not what I expected. It may have been the mid-range temperature, but the flavour profile coming through my vape was fresh and minty. It could have been either the myrcene or the beta-caryophyllene – two terpenes that are prominent in White Widow.

Vaped at 225°C (440°F), however, that smooth, earthy, musky taste was abundant. And boy is it nice! Additionally, at this temp, the clouds were even thicker.

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Effects: 10/10

All the effects we love about CBD flower are present after a few puffs of this White Widow. Relaxation, focus, tranquility.

This powerful strain would be ideal to unwind with after a long day. I would imagine it would also be very valuable to those suffering from certain medical conditions, although, of course, everyone is different and I’m in no position to offer any medical advice.

Price: 9.5/10

1.5g for £10 is an excellent starting price. You can also get 7g for £40, 14g for £75, and 28g for £135, which is some of the best prices you’ll find in the UK for such high-quality CBD bud.

Overall: 9.5/10

Wow. Having been out of the country for a while, this is the first CBD flower I’ve sampled in a few months. And I’m impressed.

It’s incredibly resin-rich – which makes it so satisfying to vape – and tastes like the original White Widow that any smoker over the age of about 30 will remember fondly.

The UK CBD flower industry is evolving quickly, and this Swiss-grown, hard-hitting White Widow is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

In fact, from what I’ve heard and now from my own experience, it seems CBDhemp.one is setting a new standard for quality.  

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5 Comments on “CBD Flower Strain Review: White Widow (14.41% CBD) from CBDhemp one”

  1. Thank you for your comments and it was great to meet you jack! We both seem to have a real passion for this business in the right way. Glad you enjoyed the widow it’s a lovely strain! I can’t wait for you to try the gorilla glue and ak47 as I think they are superior along with the cheese coming back this week! Happy smoking and keep up the great work @highandpolite

      1. Haha the gorilla is unbelievable man wait for the cheese it’s coming tommorrow that has been my favourite so far

  2. Hi Jack

    Informative, as always, cheers.

    This looks like a great strain as well as a great company…will likely check them out later this month. Just one thing though – those temperatures you’re vaping at are very high! At that point you are surely getting a fair bit of (not so healthy) combustion thrown into the mix, no?

    1. Thank you @Spaceman 3.5! Oh really!? I haven’t properly researched ideal temps for vaping. If anything, the middle temp setting on my vape doesn’t always get the job done sufficiently. And there has been no sign of combustion on the higher setting. Maybe it’s not as hot as it claims. Will have to look into this. Thanks for the heads up!

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