CBD Flower Strain Review: Swiss Cheese #2 (12% CBD) From Uncle Herb

At a glance

Strain: Swiss Cheese #2

From: Uncle Herb

Grown: Indoor

CBD content: 12%

Delivery: N/A Sample

Summary: “This is a beautiful flower, thick with trichomes and exploding with cheesy dankness. A must-try for Cheese-lovers”

Overall rating: 9.5/10

The Review

Uncle Herb has fast become one of the most reputable sellers of CBD flower in the UK. Their range of buds is updated with new strains often and their latest additions have been getting rave reviews online.

They also sell a selection of CBD oils and creams from Oregon-based USA Hemp Co.

Delivery and packaging: 9/10

Swiss Cheese #2 was sent to us as part of a sample package in exchange for an honest review. Therefore, we cannot comment on delivery times. However, we checked their website and found their shipping options:

  • 1st Class Signed For: £2.11
  • Standard European Shipping 3-5 Days Untracked: £3.03
  • Guaranteed Next Day Delivery: £6.50

The hemp buds are packaged in small, resealable aluminium pouches that have been heat-sealed. A sticker on the front displays ‘UNCLE HERB’ and the strain name with CBD percentage.

Aesthetics: 9.5/10

I tried Uncle Herb’s previous version of Swiss Cheese and, while I enjoyed it, the quality of the bud was lacking, along with the smell. This #2 version, which has been grown indoors rather than in a greenhouse like #1, has a much better appearance (and smell).

The sample we received contained a number of small to medium-sized buds. The first thing I noticed about them was a shimmering layer of trichomes covering every inch. They were also compact and dense, with small orange hairs seen between then resin-laden crystals.

Overall, these buds looked impressive. Dense and frosty, if a little on the small size.

Smell: 8.5/10

Unlike some hemp strains that can be lacking in the aroma department, these 12% CBD buds produced a great smell. I found the strong cheese smell reminds me of a classic UK Cheese variety.

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

With such a thick coating of trichomes over these buds, I couldn’t wait to try them in a joint and vape. And I was not disappointed. Any cheese-lovers out there will love these buds.

Smoking: 9/10

Swiss Cheese #2 was a pleasure to smoke, with only a slight harshness to it. I backrolled it with a super thin Rizzla with nothing else and was blown away by the taste.

Smooth and cheesy. A really great strain for smoking.

Vaping: 10/10

Vaping was even more impressive. Those resinous buds produced huge clouds reliable for a good couple of minutes worth of pulls. And the taste was just as cheesy, yet smoother.  


A got a nice little buzz from these flowers. 12% CBD isn’t the highest on the market but Swiss Cheese #2 makes up for it with its high concentration of terpenes, flavonoids and other essential oils.

Especially after vaping, I was chilled, happy and energetic

Price: 8/10

At £11 per gram, Swiss Cheese #2 is a good deal for such a high-quality flower. Plus £2.11 for First Class shipping and it comes out as slightly expensive when compared to the market.

Overall: 9.5/10

Uncle Herb has a wonderful CBD strain here that not only looks the part but has the taste and effects to go with it.

This is a beautiful flower, thick with trichomes and exploding with cheesy dankness.

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