CBD Flower Strain Review: Skunk (+12% CBD) from Clever Botanics

At a glance:

Strain: Skunk

From: Clever Botanics

Grown: Switzerland (indoor)

CBD content: +12%

Summary: “The trichome-glazed buds are chunky with a wonderfully ‘dank’ Skunk aroma to them. It smokes incredibly smooth and expresses itself even better in a vape.”

Overall rating: 9.5/10

The Review

Clever Botanics popped on to the CBD scene a few months ago. They caught my eye because of a few unique strains they offered, such as Pineapple Express, Cannatonic, and one of my all-time favourite strains, Skunk.

I decided to order 3g of Skunk and a gram each of Cannatonic and Amnesia. All were excellent quality but I felt the Skunk was a real standout and deserved its own review. Here is that review…

Delivery and packaging: 10/10

Royal Mail tracked delivery cost me £3.80, and it arrived the day after I made my order.

The packaging is some of the most sophisticated I’ve come across. The buds were sealed in plastic pouches, which were themselves kept in small, rustic-looking tins.

This kept the buds safe from any heavy-handed Royal Mail workers and left me a nice little stash tin.

Aesthetics: 10/10

This CBD-heavy Skunk is a real looker. Buds are dense, extremely chunky and glazed with sugary trichomes.

They are also very structurally hard. They made a real ‘thud’ when I poured them out the bag onto a wooden table.

Smell: 9/10

That skunky, cheesy smell is definitely there. While it’s not overly pungent, it smells nice and gives me good hopes of a tasty smoke. There’s also a distinct earthiness to the aroma.

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 9/10

What a smooth and refreshing smoke. Flavour-wise, I got sour and subtle skunky notes.

It also burns really well, leaving snow-white ash behind, which is a good sign the plant has been flushed properly.    

Vaping: 10/10

The flavour really came out in the dry herb vape. It was cheesy with a throat-tickling diesel undertone.

The Skunk, with its sugar-coating of trichomes, also produces excellent clouds of vapour. Big, flavourful clouds, in fact. A great strain for the vapers out there.  

Effects: 10/10

After sampling this strain in both my dry herb vape and in a 1g joint, I must admit I felt so calm, present and content. Colours became brighter and the birds outside my window sang louder.

It was super calming without any feelings of tiredness or lethargy. I will be using Skunk as my daytime vape for a while.

Lab reports

Price: 8/10

At £11.50 a gram, Skunk is certainly not the cheapest CBD flower around. It’s definitely up there with the best in terms of quality, but there are a couple of strains of comparable quality available for less at other shops.

Clever Botanics do have some other strains on sale for a bit less (as low as £9/g) and I have been informed that they are working on bringing in some budget-friendly strains.

Overall: 9.5/10

Overall, I’m very impressed. Clevel Botanics have a top quality strain here. The trichome-glazed buds are chunky with a wonderfully ‘dank’ Skunk aroma to them. It smokes incredibly smooth and expresses itself even better in a vape.

While its priced slightly above market average, if you enjoy cheesy flavours and top-shelf CBD bud, this Skunk is well worth a sample.     

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2 Comments on “CBD Flower Strain Review: Skunk (+12% CBD) from Clever Botanics”

  1. Getting some of this today Jack! Cleverbotanics are brilliant really helpful and friendly and quality canatonic.

    Jack I was reading about CBN being useful. I read that high CBN comes about from the poor storage of the plant. The THC degrades into CBN. Do u know much about this or strains of hemp flower that contain higher amounts? CBN sounds very promising. Role on medicinal cannabis the sooner the better!

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