CBD Flower Strain Review: Granddaddy Purple CBD (12.3% CBD) from Kingdom of Green

At a glance

Strain: Granddaddy Purple CBD

From: Kingdom of Green

Grown: Unknown

CBD content: 12.3%

Delivery: 1 working day

Summary: “I love fruity strains and this one was definitely different from the citrus strains that are more common generally. Unfortunately, those scents were not as strong when it came to the taste.”

Overall rating: 7/10

The review:

Kingdom of Green is an online CBD store; they started out as CBD consumers themselves. They saw the positive benefits it could give first hand and wanted to help others experience that too, so in 2017 they launched kingdomofgreen.co.uk.

The website is simple and easy to use, I was able to click through and pay with debit card in just a few minutes. Since revisiting their website recently, I have noticed they are only accepting bank transfer and don’t seem to have the same selection of CBD flowers available as before. However, they do have a rather nice selection of CBD hash, CBD creams and CBD e-juice along with other related items.

I ordered 3.5g of Granddaddy Purple CBD for £25.00.

Postage & packaging: 9/10

I ordered from Kingdom of Green on a Friday, with hopes it would be delivered on Monday; it arrived the next day on a Saturday, which I thought was pretty speedy. Postage was £2.20 for 1st class recorded.

Once it arrived I wasted no time in getting into the package, I ripped into a white jiffy envelope and I found a purple heat sealed Myler bag. The smell proof bag was clearly labelled with the name of the flowers and the THC/CBD percentages.

Overall, a swift easy transaction with good postage and packaging.

Aesthetics: 9/10

The colours on Grandaddy Purple CBD are very dark green with purple hues running throughout. The buds I received were fairly big and tight for CBD, nicely ladled in trichomes, they were a tad leafy but I would usually expect a few leaves from a CBD variety. The flowers themselves were sticky when pressed, leaving a nice hint of sweetie goodness on your fingertips afterwards.

This bud ground up well and there was nothing to pick out of my grinder afterwards. When the green and purple hues mix together, the herb looks magnificent. Overall, these CBD-rich flowers are impressive to look at, with hints of purple colours. Very nicely grown and plenty of bag appeal.

Smell: 8/10

I chose a nug to break apart and I was immediately hit with fruity ripe grapes with undertones of hash and berries. I was blown away by the combination of sweet floral lavender and parma violet scent. Grandaddy Purple as a strain has been tested and found to be high in the terpene Linalool; which can have a sedative and anti-depressant effect.

Taste: 7/10

So to taste this strain I used a few dry herb vaporisers. My current favourite is the Rastabuddhatao Splinter; it’s got an all glass pathway so the flavours are always excellent.

The first flavour I get is strong perfume followed by creamy subtle fruitiness once fully exhaled. I was expecting more fruit flavours to come through from the sheer scent of the bud so I went back for some more to just check and the taste definitely wasn’t as strong as the smell on this occasion. I got a herb aftertaste in my mouth for a while after but it was mintier and still very enjoyable.

Effects: 7.5/10

I started buying CBD cannabis so I could use it during the week and use my high in THC weed on the weekend. There were a few reasons for this; I wanted to deal with a lack of productivity during the week and I wanted to see if my tolerance would go down if I didn’t use high in THC weed.

When I get in from a long day at work; one of the first things I do will be reaching for my vape. If I have high THC weed I can too often become very comfy and not very active.

I found that using CBD bud gave me just enough relaxation, my muscles are feeling good and any stresses I may have had drift away. The only thing that is lacking from the experience for me is the head high which I don’t personally need every night of the week.

Whilst enjoying some Granddaddy Purple CBD after work, I feel uplifted and happy. The eye twitch I had at work has gone away, I’m cooking up a storm and listening to some Buena Vista Social Club. It feels as though my senses are just slightly heightened; I happily finish off my chores and chill for the rest of the evening.

Anyone wondering if my tolerance reset after a week of abstaining from high THC weed, the answer is yes. The next time I light up its guaranteed to be a good time. The first few hits are always the highest; I can get a fit of giggles or a real sweat on my forehead high after a tolerance break. The hits following that are still good but not as high as the first.

Price: 8/10

3.5 of Granddaddy Purple CBD came in at just over £7 each gram, which I thought was pretty good considering the strain and the quality of the flower. When I placed the order I wasn’t expecting much, but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. In comparison to some websites Kingdom of Green supplied a great product at a decent price.

Overall: 7.5/10

Having just finished this strain, I honestly wish I had more. I was impressed from the moment it arrived through my letterbox.

The smell of this strain was something that stood out in comparison to other strains I have tried previously, including high THC bud too. I love fruity strains and this one was definitely different from the citrus strains that are more common generally. Unfortunately, those scents were not as strong when it came to the taste.

If anyone has tried Granddaddy Purple CBD, let us know what you thought in the comments below.

EDIT: Kingdon of Green seems to be out of stock of all their flowers right now. They say they hope to be restocked soon. 

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4 Comments on “CBD Flower Strain Review: Granddaddy Purple CBD (12.3% CBD) from Kingdom of Green”

  1. I’m gutted that they have stopped getting flowers especially the
    Bubblegum strain. It was my favorite strain it made you mega
    sleepy 🙂
    I’m getting my Big bud boax soon and it 16% CDB

  2. Sorry I bought GDP a couple of month ago from KOG and it didn’t taste that good
    and I wanted to get rid of it fast. No taste and not that strong

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