CBD Flower Strain Review: Dinamed From IceHeadShop.com

At a glance

Strain: Dinamed CBD

From: Iceheadshop

Grown: Outdoor

CBD content: 7.2%

Delivery: 1 day

Summary: “These CBD buds aren’t the nicest I’ve ever smoked but do offer strong effects: they made me especially focused and relaxed.”

Overall rating: 8/10

The Review

A commenter recently pointed me in the direction Ice Head Shop and their range of CBD hemp flowers.

I was already aware of the company but thought the only sold synthetic CBD blends, which I’m not a fan of. Now they have three types of real CBD flower in stock: Dinamed (7.2% CBD), Sour Widow (5.5% CBD), and Cali Dream (7% CBD). They also have some great-looking hash, one with as much as 40% CBD!

Their range of CBD flowers don’t have the highest CBD content around, but I know from experience that some of the best flowers on the market have less than 10% CBD, like Bonnie’s Cookies #2 from The Brain Box Shop, which has an incredible trichome coverage and a terpene profile that gives strong effects.

I ordered 3 grams of Dinamed from Iceheadshop.com as I had heard of the strain before. It’s been developed by Spanish seed bank Dinafem, who call it their first 100% therapeutic strain.

Delivery and packaging: 9/10

I made my order on a Tuesday afternoon, about 3pm to be more precise. I was pretty surprised, therefore, when my order arrived the next morning.

The buds themselves were packaged in a sealed, see-through plastic pouch. It was heat-sealed, very secure and discreet. A sticker on the front of the pouch had the name of the strain and a convenient graphic displaying the percentages of cannabinoids in the buds (see display picture). I appreciate this touch.

However, I do prefer the pop-top pots over pouches. They preserve the integrity of the bud better. Hence the 9/10.

Aesthetics: 7/10

The buds don’t have the best bag appeal. Quite dark green coloured and a bit leafy. Upon closer inspection, you can see a distinct layer of trichomes. Some of the buds in my 3 grams were denser and ‘fuller’ looking than some quite stringy others. The trim job also wasn’t great.  

Smell: 7.5/10

The hemp flowers had a dense, cheesy smell. It also reminded me of wet grass. Yep, cheesy wet grass. With a slight undertone of sweet orange. I was expecting more sweet and fruity aromas based on what I’d read about this strain.   

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 7.5/10

Not the strongest, but these buds did have a cheesy flavour to them when smoked. Far from the smoothest I’ve smoked but still pretty enjoyable.

Vaping: 8/10

I used my Vapcap M to vape these Dinamed flowers from Ice Head Shop. Again, they had a dense, cheese-like flavour. They produced a good amount of vapour that tasted slightly burnt. I tried vaping at lower temperatures but this burnt-toast flavour remained.

Effects: 9/10

These buds came in at 7.2% CBD, which isn’t a huge amount. They also contain small amounts (less than 0.2%) of cannabinoids CBC, CBG, CBN and, of course, THC. This combination of cannabinoids, along with a decent terpene profile, means Dinamed hemp buds provide a really nice and calming effect.

After vaping and smoking, I found myself extremely relaxed and focused. Dinamed is 60% Sativa / 40% Indica and I found the effects reflected this. My body was somewhat sedated while my mind was energised. Great for sitting down and working on something that requires close attention.  

Price: 8/10

3g cost me £29.99 and shipping free. That’s a good deal in my book for high-quality flowers.  One gram costs £11.99, which is about the same as most others high-grade hemp sellers when you add in shipping costs.

Overall: 8/10

Delivery was so prompt that I was taken aback. The buds aren’t the nicest I’ve ever smoked but do offer strong effects: they made me especially focused and relaxed. Again, the flavour wasn’t exactly overwhelming when vaped but they are still nice buds.

Being a strain from a well-known seed bank means there’s quite a bit of info on Dinamed online, which I like.

This strain usually comes in at 10%-14% CBD, so this crop perhaps isn’t the best example of this strain. I’m travelling to Switzerland soon and I believe this strain is available there, so I hope I’ll get to try a better expression of Dinamed then.

You can buy Dinamed CBD flowers here.

And if anyone has tried the other strains ICEheadshop has on sale I’d love to hear your opinion of them.

29 Comments on “CBD Flower Strain Review: Dinamed From IceHeadShop.com”

  1. Those Dinamed buds doesn’t looked liked they got trimmed well and just had the 1 G gravity 20% CBD through the post today and their were already grinded up 🙁 I prefer to have a bud and grind it myself.
    When I opened the bag all I could smell was chocolate and the taste was different and it did not taste of chocolate when I did a J but it did taste nice though The effect wasn’t that good for a 20% CBD compared to 6% CBD. Maybe I’ll try another strain from Ice but for now I’ll have to stick to B&T @CBDJack at least B&T buds are crispy and well cured.
    I do my J’s with tobacco as marshmallow leaves tastes like fish.

      1. Ingredients of Gravity
        Contains Cannabidiol
        20% 2(isopropenyl-methyl-5-cyclohexen-1-yl)-pentyl-1,3benzenediol,
        79% Althena officinals & 1% flavorings
        Below 5ppm – (6aR,10aR,) delta-9-tetrahdrocannabinidiol
        wtf Is this safe to smoke @Jack

        1. Doesn’t sound good to me. You can see on their website they have three products labelled ‘real hemp flower’ and a few more labelled ‘CBD infused’. Stick to the former.

        1. I don’t know much about these synthetic blends but I wouldn’t consume them myself. The Skywalker OG is quite compressed. Check out my last instagram post if you can.

          1. Just ordered Skywalker OG for £31.00 with delivery and discount and looking forward to try it. Been on the instragram page and it looks lovely Jack

  2. Wow Jack, another great review!!!

    Having read this review (and all your others) its literally just dawned on me that I actually have no clue about good quality flower: I have a lot to learn haha! Also, reading loggs comment above, I would of assumed that grinded up hemp would be the preferred choice as twigs can add to the weight….?

    I have yet to order from IHS but they were one of the websites I first came across when I was looking for industrial hemp buds in the UK. As a newb(ish) to the wonderful world of hemp, I found their website overwhelming

    1. If you do order from them, ‘Cali Dream’, ‘Sour Widow’ and ‘Dinamed’ are their only real hemp flowers. They also have hash. The other CBD products are synthetic, I believe.

      1. Thanks Jack I wont be buying anything for Ice. I sent them a Email asking about Gravity and had no reply. So ICE is a no go for me. Even the real hemp looks scraggy . Skywalker OG is my next purchase 🙂 Mr omh and B&T are the main ones I will purchase in the future. Top quality flowers from them both. Even UH sour widow was scraggy m8

        1. Ive just placed an order from Ice Head Shop: 1G of Blue Dream (10% CBD / 2% CBG) and 1g of Lemon Haze (22% CBDA). Both are marked as REAL HEMP FLOWER BUDS so I can only hope they are because Im not sure how to tell if they are or arent when they arrive!

  3. Hey, Just stumbled across this

    The ‘synthetic’ herb is basically a marshmallow leaf infused with CBD Isolate, then fruit flavoured or flavoured with terpenes.

    The CBD concentration can then be manipulated to the extreme, yet the satisfaction in smoking is no-where near real buds for sure.

    The only reason these were ever created was to get around the CTA legal warnings on 0.2% THC when we were aware of CBD buds going back to 2016

    Thanks for the review – We have 6 new strains coming within the next few weeks which admit ably will be even better

    & Ps, Loggs, apologies your email was seemingly unanswered, it may possibly have gone to your spam, sorry about this

    Cheers! Dan

    1. No worries Dan thanks for the info about the synthetic Herbs. I bought 100 grams of marshmallow leaf
      from amazon to try and stop smoking, but the smell off it when I smoke it, it’s like fish lol

      1. Oh really? ours is odourless if anything more like a Hey before flavoured.. I have added marshmallow leaf images & updated the content to the Non-flower products to make it clearer with more changes to come! your not the first to have confusion with the introduction of hemp flowers to be fair 🙂 cheers

        1. Sound mate.
          Which site are you running ?
          I’m a bit confused here mate.
          Plus been toking CBD buds since June and THC buds for over 20 years 😉

  4. Just wanted to leave an update re my experience with IceHead as I cant reply to my earlier comment on here (posted 24th Aug)

    I ordered 1G of Blue Dream (10% CBD / 2% CBG) and 1g of Lemon Haze (22% CBDA). Shipping was quick, I ordered it around 2am and got in in 2 working days. However, Im not really feeling the buds for the below reasons:

    1. They dont feel as original as other buds Ive brought from other companies and Im wondering if maybe the buds have been sprayed? With most hemp flowers, I can smell the potency as soon as I open the packaging – the same applies in this case, but the smell has diminished rapidly.
    2. Loggs mentioned this before, but the flowers are cut into smaller bite size pieces which I found a bit odd
    3. I cant really tell the difference between the two when I roll it up and on the first night I tried both, it made me feel a bit funny (wobbly legs)

    I dont get the same relaxed sensation as I have with other ones Ive ordered from other companies. Even though I have only been buying CBD flowers for less then 2 months (so Im in no way as a professional as some others are on here lol), I had high hopes which were not matched with my experience so I dont plan on making another purchase with IHS 🙁

    1. Hi Ama

      This is surprising we rate these as the best we tried, but appreciate your or anyones opinion 🙂

      Do you have an order number, I will send you a free sample of White Russian 2, this is our favourite

      Dan – Iceheadshop 🙂

      1. I feel really bad….. but I just had to be honest. Maybe its just me? Who knows lol. I havent been doing this for very long…

        Appreciate you reaching out to me though Dan, my order no is #100275809 (placed on 11 September 2018)

    2. Stick to suppliers you know @Ama. Also Mr ohm has a small collection of very nice flowers 😉
      I also won’t purchase anything from IHS again and I spend roughly £100 a week on CBD flowers and hash

      1. I would only take your advise loggs if you were a person who practised what you preached… Its clear that you dont only stick to suppliers you know hahahah! 😛

        I think its good to try new suppliers but your right, when I find a reeeeeally good one I will just stick with it until I get bored and wanting something new. I really loved Blue Dream from High Society but the owner doesnt reply to emails and its too expensive if you want to buy more then 1gs.

        May I ask why you wont be purchasing from IHS again also??

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