CBD Flower Strain Review: Bubbleberry (14.05% CBD) From Mr. Ohm Shop

At a glance

Strain: Bubbleberry

From: Mr Ohm Shop

Grown: Italy (indoor)

CBD content: 14.05%

Summary: “Bubbleberry is a must-try if you like sweet and fruity flavours in your bud. Smokes and vapes beautifully and the effects are more than pleasant.”

Overall rating: 9.5/10

The Review

A new strain from Mr Ohm! And it’s a beaut. Bubbleberry is a high-grade CBD strain grown under lights in Italy. The Italians are currently producing some of the very best hemp buds with less than 0.2% THC even though the country itself has a more sensible limit of 0.6%.

Bubbleberry is one of a number of new strains at Mr Ohm Shop, including Alien Kush (14.8% CBD), Girl Scout Cookies (13.8% CBD), and Portal Skunk (8.3% CBD).

They also have two types of CBD hash: Black Mamba Hash (6.1% CBD) and Hemp Pollen Crystal Dust (21.6% CBD).

Delivery and packaging: 9/10

This sample was sent to us in exchange for an honest review, so we can’t comment on delivery times.  

Bubbleberry is packaged in a plastic-lined resealable pouch that is smell-proof and discreet. Strain name, CBD and THC percentage are also displayed clearly.

Aesthetics: 9/10

These Bubbleberry buds impressed straight off the bat. They are great examples of well-grown cannabis: well-structured, dense and frosty. The buds are medium-to-large in size, with a deep layer of trichomes.

It had also been dried and trimmed to perfection. Overall, another great-looking strain from Mr Ohm Shop.

Smell: 9.5/10

The aroma coming out of this pouch of Bubbleberry was a treat. Very strong sweetness. Like blackcurrants and blueberries. It was quite similar to a few strawberry strains I’ve tried, but with deeper berry notes. Possibly a bit of bubblegum in there, as well as sour undertones.

After grinding, there were more floral, piney notes coming through along with the berry sweetness. I love strong-smelling fruity strains and Bubbleberry is now high on my list of favourite CBD flowers.  

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 9/10

That berry/bubblegum flavour shines through each toke of this flower. It’s a smooth and tasty smoke, full of flavour. Tasted like some Blackberry Punch that’s been doing the rounds in London recently.

Vaping: 10/10

Each pull on my DynaVap M produced huge clouds of intensely flavourful clouds, making this strain an absolute pleasure to vape.

Effects: 10/10

With a high percentage of CBD (14.05%), Bubbleberry is a potent CBD flower. Some flowers with this much CBD seem to make me a bit sleepy, but not this one. I would describe this as more uplifting and energising. A great day-time strain with powerful anti-anxiety effects.

Price: 8.5/10

At £11 per gram (it’s sold in 3g packs for £33) it’s on the higher end when it comes to prices of CBD flower. Having said that, it’s a really nice strain that’s clearly been grown by experts, so the price tag is well worth it in my opinion.

Overall: 9.5/10

Another exceptional CBD flower from Mr Ohm Shop, who now have one of the best selections of CBD weed in the UK.

Grown indoor in Italy – emerging leaders in the hemp flower industry – Bubbleberry is a must-try if you like sweet and fruity flavours in your bud. Smells loud, smokes and vapes beautifully, and the effects are more than pleasant.

More info here.

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