CBD Flower Strain Review: Ganesh Haze (14.2% CBD) From MrOhmShop

At a glance

Strain: Ganesh Haze

From: Mr Ohm Shop

Grown: Italy (outdoor)

CBD content: 14.2%

Summary: “A very solid strain that looks top shelf, smells and tastes good, and will make you feel wonderful. Well worth a try.”

Overall rating: 9/10

The Review

This is the third strain from MrOhmShop that we have tried. You can read our review of their beautiful Skywalker OG (14% CBD), which we gave a chart-topping 9.5 out of 10, here.

With a good impression already made, we were very happy to be offered a sample of Ganesh Haze (14.2%) in return for an honest review. Here is that review…

Delivery and packaging: 9/10

Like we mentioned, this was a free sample so we can’t comment of delivery times. However, on their website they do state that orders placed before 1pm (Monday-Friday) will be received the very next day.

Additionally, shipping is free for orders over £30, which is a nice touch.  

Aesthetics: 9/10

Ganesh Haze looks like high-quality cannabis. The buds I received were small and dense. They were dark green in colour, with orange hairs and plenty of visible trichomes.

Smell: 8/10

Spicy and sweet notes were clear. Overall, while not exactly a pungent smell, Ganesh Haze has a nice aroma that suggests a good terpene profile.


Smoking: 8.5/10

When smoked on its own in a thin rolling paper, Ganesh Haze is a really nice smoke. It tastes how it smells: sweet and spicy. Towards the end of the joint, the taste is overcome by a harshness, which is common with hemp strains.  

Vaping: 9/10

I didn’t get huge clouds vaping this strain in my Vapcap M, but they did taste great. The same spicy, fruity notes were even more obvious when vaped. I found myself coming back to vaping this strain over smoking it.

Effects: 10/10

Great effects from this potent CBD flower. I find anything with more than about 6% CBD and with a good amount of terpenes is enough for me to notice calming effects. With Ganesh Haze, which has more than 14% CBD, the effects were powerful.

Especially after vaping, I immediately felt a still warmth resonate through my body. The next hour I remained so relaxed and happy as I focused effortlessly on some work. It’s effects like these that keep me convinced of the massive therapeutic potential of CBD flower.

If more people would use CBD flower instead of tobacco, alcohol, anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressants, barbiturates, opiates and sleeping pills, then the world would be in a much happier and healthier position.

Price: 9/10

3g costs £30. With free shipping, this represents good and fair value for a top drawer product.

Overall: 9/10

A very solid strain that looks top shelf, smells and tastes good, and will make you feel wonderful. Well worth a try.

Click here to buy.  

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