CBD Flower Cafe In Ireland Forced To Close

A popular CBD cafe in Ireland has been forced to close after it was banned from selling CBD flower.

Blooms Cafe, located in Waterford, was causing quite a buzz in the town, largely thanks to their high-grade Strawberry Cough CBD flower that was available since they opened in late 2018. (Their ‘coffee and dabs’ combo was another customer favourite.)

However, the cafe has now been forced to close after the owner was told that CBD flower was not permitted to be sold in Ireland.

In a Facebook past earlier today, Blooms said: “To all of our loyal customers, it is our deep regret to inform you that due to the fact that we are NOT permitted to sell CBD products with a THC content of below 0.2%, it is no longer viable to keep Blooms Cafe premises running.

“The cafe is now closed.

“A huge thank you to everyone who helped us set up and to all who worked so hard with us and supported us along the way.

“Peace & Love”


The cafe has previously had its CBD flower confiscated by the Irish Garda. On 30th October 2018, a post of their Facebook wall reads: “Recently, all of our CBD flowers were taken from our store for testing. We are currently awaiting the test results…” 

However, “After a long and painful 5 weeks that almost resulted in permanent closure of our lovely little cafe – more on this later – we are elated to be able to [bring] back our beautiful CBD hemp flowers/buds.”

We are awaiting more details as to who has informed them that they can’t sell CBD flower and why.

It’s also confusing as there are a number of other shops, even in Waterford, selling CBD flower.

2 Comments on “CBD Flower Cafe In Ireland Forced To Close”

  1. I’m with you on this! Until they take everything away from me I’m open for business cbdhemp.one. Let’s keep the movement going

  2. I’m sick an tired of the government banning these substances amongst others. CBD is a miracle worker for anxiety,deppression,P.T.S.D ECT. an even more of a godsend to those who find relief from chronic pain where other painkillers have failed to work which many can be addictive with causing depremential negative health problems. Let’s get this straight,coming from me who has been heavily involved in using it providing positive benefits,CBD is not dangerous. Everybody please unite together to stop government action on this wonder drug before they attempt an possibly succeed in eventually outlawing it.

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