CBD Cannabis Plant On Sale At Aldi For Less Than £10

For just under 10 Swiss Francs (£8.65), people in Switzerland can purchase a real cannabis plant from popular supermarket chain Aldi.

The plant is a CBD-rich variety that will produce less than 1% THC, making it completely legal in Switzerland, where the production and sale of CBD flower (or cannabis light, hemp flower, etc.) has become a booming new industry over the last few years. 

The German discount supermarket chain Aldi began selling smokable CBD-rich cannabis flowers in Switzerland about a year ago, launching their own line of locally-grown organic cannabis. 

A 3g pack costs CHF 19.99 (£17.30).

Building on the popularity of this range, the have now introduced a living, breathing cannabis plant that you can buy for under 10 Euros

The plant is between 30 and 35 cm and contains less than 1% THC, meaning it won’t get you high once the buds have been harvested, dried and consumed. 

Aldi is well known for doing things differently in the supermarket industry and offers a wide range of unusual products in its famous middle aisles. 

UK Aldi supermarkets will not be offering cannabis in any form due to outdated cannabis and hemp laws. However, CBD flower is on sale at a number of reputable retailers throughout the country.

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  1. Please can you confirm why the companies that are no longer selling cbd flowers are being mentioned? We sell some of the best cbd flowers in the UK at The CBD Center and not a mention?

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