Cannabis Seed Sales Explode As UK Faces Lockdown

With the threat of a nationwide lockdown hanging over the UK, sales of cannabis seeds and growing equipment have surged. 

Millions of people in the UK use cannabis regularly for many different reasons, so it’s no surprise that lots of them are concerned about accessing weed with such an uncertain future ahead of us. 

Therefore, a large number of people are taking the matter into their own hands and attempting to become self-sufficient

That has resulted in head shops and grow shops around the country seeing sales of seeds and growing equipment explode. 

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Dramatic increase

Dan, who runs Ice Head Shop (who are currently offering free hand sanitiser and masks to over 60s), said he’s noticed a dramatic increase in seed sales, including CBD seeds, while sales of CBD products have grown by 100%.

This has been echoed by many other retailers. Many grow tents and grow kits on Amazon are also selling fast. 

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A boost in homegrown?

So does this mean we will see a boost in the homegrown industry? It’s quite likely. During a recession, people tend to move away from wasting money on high-price items and invest more in self sufficiency. 

So, I think that means less Cali weed (fake and real) and more homegrown. 

However, conducting actual deals could become difficult under a lockdown situation.

Will the price of weed go up?

I have heard reports from Spain, where a very restrictive lockdown has been imposed on the country, that weed prices have doubled. This is not confirmed, but it wouldn’t be much of a unsurprised.

Given the fact that people are only allowed to leave their homes for essential purposes, it must be hard to even get weed at all. This can lead to a rapid (and hopefully temporary) rise in prices. 

There are some reports of dealers trying this in the UK already, as is to be expected. 

Buying weed online 

Online prices don’t seem to have changed, so it might be worth getting set up with Bitcoin and getting your head around ordering weed online.

Here’s our guide to buying weed online and our guide to buying weed on the dark web

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