CBD Infused Gym Classes Come To London

A new type of exercise class that couples cannabis with stretching exercises is proving to be popular in London.

The new class, which is similar to yoga, involves a lot of stretching. The moves, however, are performed alongside the administration of CBD – a cannabis-derived compound that is thought to help the body stay healthy.

‘Cannabliss’, therefore, is aimed at active people who want to help their bodies heal faster. It’s available around the capital at Gymbox gyms, which claims to offer “London’s most unique classes”.

CBD patches

Participants in the classes, which are being held in several locations across London, receive the cannabis-derived compounds in the form of CBD patches.

You probably don’t need us to explain all the marvels of CBD right now, but suffice to say that it is an extremeley powerful and natural anti-inflammatory that has been taking the world by storm.

Medicines created from cannabis plants that are high in CBD have been used to combat severe epilepsy and even brain tumours in small children.

CBD does not get you ‘high’ and has no minimal side effects. It is one of the many beneficial cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

You can buy it in the UK in the form of oil, balm, e-liquid, edibles and flower.

As CBD can be applied topically, it is increasingly being used in creams for treating localised pain. It makes sense, therefore, for it to be used for sore muscles.

Cannabliss classes

During the Cannabliss classes, participants take part in a series of stretches whilst wearing a transdermal CBD patch on their arm. The skin absorbs the CBD and disperses into your bloodstream.

The extra relaxation provided by the CBD makes the stretch deeper and easier for the person taking part in it. It takes about twenty minutes for the patches to start having an effect.

The classes are held entirely under green lights. Whether this contributes to the overall atmosphere or not is perhaps a question for the individual.

Reports have been positive so far, with one testimonial stating:

“Many of the stretches require placing a massage ball the size and colour of a passionfruit under our glutes or shoulder blades and leaning in hard to the most intense sensations we can find.

The final, 4-5 minute-long stretch, in which you splay yourself over a foam roller like a slow loris on a torture rack, took me to an otherworldly place.”

Cannabis complements sport

Whilst cannabis and exercise may seem like a strange combination for some, it is an undisputed fact that players in the NFL and NBA leagues have long used cannabis before and after games for increased stamina and to treat the pain from their injuries.

CBD is also becoming increasingly popular with rugby players and MMA fighters.

In fact, it seems that cannabis offers many benefits for athletes involved in intense physical pursuits.

As well as side effect-free pain relief and reducing inflammation, cannabis and its derivatives can also protect the brain from damage before and after head injuries, induce focus and reduce anxiety, and improve sleep.

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