Can You Have A Weed-Themed Wedding In The UK?

Now that cannabis is slowly becoming more accepted around the world, people are incorporating it into their lives like never before. Like over in America, where ‘Cannabis Bars’ are becoming more and more popular at weddings and events being held in states with legal recreational cannabis.

Apparently, even Meghan Markle served cannabis at her first wedding in Jamaica in 2011.

And why not? An alcohol-laden bar is a given at any and every kind of social event in most western countries. And not only is cannabis undoubtedly safer and less harmful than alcohol, but research is also stacking up showing cannabis protects against the damaging effects of alcohol.

Unfortunately, it is still illegal in the UK. You could have a CBD-themed wedding, however. Take inspiration from Kim Kardashian who threw a CBD-themed baby shower, whatever that entails.

Weed weddings

Some American and Canadian wedding companies, however, now offer cannabis bouquets, edibles and any other type of cannabis product you could possibly imagine for your wedding.

Huge cannabis bars with dab rigs, vapes, and other paraphernalia are becoming common in California, Oregon, Colorado and other states with recreational laws.

One couple on NBC news even completed their marriage with ‘You may now smoke with the bride’!

$8000 of free cannabis

In another ceremony featured in Forbes, cannabis flowers and buds were worn by the bride and bridesmaids, and even the grooms had cannabis leaves and buds in their jacket lapels.

Here, the couple sealed their marriage vows with a dab. For those that don’t know, dabbing is when you vaporise a ‘dab’ of cannabis concentrate and inhaling it using a special type of bong called a dab rig. It’s an extremely effective way of getting very high, very quickly.  

And just when you think they couldn’t possibly smoke any more weed, the couple descended upon the beach, and that’s when the real party started.

Photo by Wesley Gibbs

The bride, Dani, had worked for around a decade at Harborside Dispensary in Oakland, arguably the most respected medical cannabis dispensary in the US. This is how she was able to get the weed for the wedding for free. She was lucky enough to have $8000 of cannabis donated to her wedding by the owner and well-known cannabis activist Steve D’Angelo.

As well as the huge range of cannabis available (in the UK, $8000 will buy you around one kilo of decent bud, depending on quality) there was also a wonderful range of cannabis edibles to choose from; brownies, cookies, and other trippy treats.

During these types of cannabis events, less emphasis is placed on alcohol as mixing cannabis and alcohol can be unforgiving.

Weed wedding expo events spreading around the US

There are now events in the US where couples can go and see how a cannabis-based wedding would work for them. Here, the exhibitors can really show off their style and knowledge and continue to inspire couples to work with them on their special day.

The first ever ‘Cannabis Wedding Expo’ was held in Denver, Colorado but they are growing rapidly with events being held in Boston, LA, San Francisco, Vegas, and now, of course, Canada.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long until we see these types of weddings in the UK.

Would you have a cannabis wedding?

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