CBD Flower Strain Review: ‘Bonnie’s Cookies #2’ From The Brain Box Shop

The guys over at TheBrainBoxShop have pulled one out the bag. They have been a main player in the UK’s CBD flower industry for a while now, but their latest offering is among the highest quality product to be seen in the country. Say hello to ‘Bonnie’s Cookies #2’ CBD hemp flower.

Grown by expert Swiss CBD producers Bonnie & Clyde, who are leading the industry in Switzerland, this is the second phenotype of ‘Bonnie’s Cookies’, an indoor-grown CBD-rich hemp flower.

While its CBD content is not the highest around at 6-8%, it has a very high terpene content and the amount of trichomes covering the bud is impressive. In our opinion, this is the best CBD flower in the UK right now.

Deliver and packaging: 9/10

Ordered on a Sunday, my package arrived on Tuesday. Prompt, as all my orders form TBBS have been. First class postage was £1.99.

The hemp flowers themselves came in a resealable pouch with a sticker on the side displaying both the logo of TBBS and Bonnie & Clyde, the famous Swiss CBD flower producers. Overall, the packaging is discreet, practical and does the job sufficiently.

Aesthetics: 10/10

When it comes to bag appeal, these buds look the deal. Dense, round and crystal-coated, you’d have a hard time distinguishing them as ‘hemp’. Probably the best looking CBD flower I have seen on the UK market (I’ve personally seen most).

In my 3.5g, I had two especially pretty nugs. When I broke them apart, a small cloud of essential oils was released and dissipated into the air.

Smell: 8/10

While it resembles high-grade, the smell isn’t quite there. When you break it apart or grind it, you get a whiff of sweet fruit and that earthy hemp smell that most legal strains carry.

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Vaping: 9/10

What it lacks in smell, it makes up for in taste. Especially when its vaped. The buds are covered in a dusting of trichomes which makes vaping these buds a delight. The vapour is subtly fruity, slightly sweet, and very smooth.

I used a Vapcap M that I bought from online vape shop The Hedonist Club, who are the absolute experts when it comes to dry herb vapes in the UK.  

Smoking: 9/10

It was a treat to grind these buds up and roll a joint. My grinder was full of dust after I poured out the bud.

Upon lighting the light, the smoothness of the smoke really surprised and impressed me. Some legal strains can be harsh or irritating to inhale. Not Bonnie’s Cookies. Again, there was a slight sweetness to the smoke.  

Effects: 9/10

The mix of high CBD, floods of terpenes and flavonoids and other plant compounds produced a very satisfying and calming effect. After a few draws on the vape, I felt a very real relaxation descend on me.

The effects lasted about an hour. For the next few hours, I felt clear-headed and chirpy. It was a pretty familiar CBD effect. I think the abundance of terpenes helped keep me feeling extra focused.

Price: 8/10

3.5g for £35, which works out at £10 a gram, is about what you expect to pay for high-quality CBD flower in the UK. Can’t have any complaints about that while the industry is still so new.

Plus £1.99 for shipping. £36.99 in total is very acceptable.

Overall: 9/10

Bonnie’s Cookies #2 are, in my opinion, the best CBD flower in the UK right now. Loaded with trichomes, they look the part and smoke so smoothly. They are even better for vaping, where you can really get a sense for the array of terpenes and other essential oils that cover these dense nugs.

If you’re interested in CBD buds, give these a go and you won’t regret it.

Use discount code ‘h&p420’ for 10% off. Buy here.

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11 Comments on “CBD Flower Strain Review: ‘Bonnie’s Cookies #2’ From The Brain Box Shop”

  1. Looks so nice and 6-8% CBD is ideal for me. The bubblegum was my favorite
    strain with the taste but it made me sleepy and now it’s the Bud and Tender for the
    quality and the nice relaxing effect. I have ordered more off B & T.
    Next week I’ll order some of the Bonnie’s Cookies #2 to try it out Jack.
    That OG Kush squidgy was nice also

      1. Kingdom of Green
        CBD Cure – Crumble 87% a bit pricey at £34.99
        SHC – Super Lemon Haze 22% CBD – Terpene infused pollen £14.99
        I bought this one and it was very squidgy and nice OG Kush 6% CBD – Terpene infused pollen It’s out of stock.
        Not sure where to get more pollen/solids Jack

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