Can CBD Products Cause You To Test Positive For THC?

The small amount of THC present in full-spectrum hemp extracts can trigger a positive drug test result, according to an analysis.

The study involved administering a daily dose of hemp extract (with up to 0.3% THC) to a group of volunteers, after which every single one of them tested positive for THC on a drug test.

The authors of the study concluded that efforts should be made to increase public awareness of the risk of positive drug test results following the use of oral hemp-derived CBD products.

Why this is a problem?

Hemp extracts, which are derived from the cannabis plant, are becoming increasingly popular as a natural supplement for a host of health issues. 

So this situation could be problematic for several reasons.  

Firstly, hemp extracts are legal in the UK, although regulations stipulate no more than 1mg THC per ‘unit’. 

However, there are lots of ‘full-spectrum’ CBD products out there with up to 0.2% THC, even though this 0.2% THC limit only applies to farmers growing hemp plants under licence, not for finished CBD products.

This means that individuals who are using hemp/CBD extracts as a natural supplement could potentially face legal consequences if they test positive for THC on a drug test. 

And with many employers having strict drug policies in place, employees who regularly ingest hemp extracts could be at risk of losing their job if they test positive for THC. 

Hemp-derived THC

The researchers also noted that the CBD to THC ratio in hemp extracts can differ considerably, which can make things even more tricky.  

THC content in some hemp extracts may be minimal, while others may contain higher levels, meaning that people using these products may not be aware of the potential risk of testing positive for THC during a drug test. 

Authors concluded their paper

“Findings showed that the daily use of oral hemp-derived CBD extracts consistently resulted in positive urine IA (immunoassay) screening results for THC-COOH at the 20 ng/mL detection criterion.” 

Therefore, efforts should be made to increase public awareness regarding the risk of positive (urine) drug test results following oral hemp-derived CBD product use.” 


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