“An Honest Review Of The Effects Of CBD Flower By A Veteran Smoker”

Scrolling the /UKTrees subreddit yesterday, I found a post titled “An honest review of the effects of CBD flower by a veteran smoker”.

What I read was similar to my own experiences with CBD-rich hemp flower/cannabis.

The poster is a long-term cannabis consumer in the UK who is using CBD flower to help give up tobacco and alcohol and to take a tolerance break from cannabis.

The poster has been smoking cannabis for around 27 years, the last few years “using around 7g per week.”

The poster points out that, while they take the odd month-long T-break (tolerance break), they have a high tolerance, which they say is “relevant to this post because if CBD flower has a noticeable effect on me then it might have greater benefits for people with a lower tolerance for cannabis.”

The story begins:

“Last Sunday, I started another month-long break. I also quit smoking tobacco and I am also abstaining from alcohol as well. I normally have a few beers on a Friday and Saturday night but this week all I have is my e-cig and 2g of 13% CBD Strawberry Kush from hempelf.

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“All week I have been stressed because of having no weed or tobacco, that continued tonight because of the added bonus of no beer after a hard week at work. IMO this is the perfect recipe to test what effects CBD will have on me because I am highly stressed and several days stone cold sober.

“I have tried CBD e-liquid before and didn’t feel any effects or benefits. The bud from Hempelf looks like normal weed, it smells like normal weed, it tastes like normal weed and it vapes like normal weed.

“I loaded my Flowermate v5 and vaped the entire chamber full. Within 5 minutes I was noticeably more relaxed, I was suddenly at ease with the world again, happy to be in the present moment. It sounds stupid but I feel normal again, I am not high in any way shape or form, I am just relaxed and calm.

“So in my opinion, decent CBD bud is great for relaxing and definitely doesn’t have a high. If you are stressed or anxious I would say CBD Flower could work for you.” [Edited for grammar/spelling]

Here’s the post.

And you can read our review of Hemp Elf’s Strawberry Kush here.

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  1. Good article and a good read thanks for sharing. After my somewhat disappointing experiences with CBD flowers maybe a period of abstinence and a tolerance break from THC will help give me a better experience from the CBD.

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