Amsterdam-Style Coffee Shop In London Raided By 13 Police Vans And Armed Unit

Reports have surfaced that a large police raid was conducted yesterday in London on an Amsterdam-style cannabis cafe.

Word is that a so-called hash cafe thought to be located on Hessel Street in Whitechapel was at the centre of the raid.

One commenter on a Reddit discussion on the matter said that the cafe was supposedly a “hash cafe which was – by all accounts – pretty much an open secret.”

Reports are that three separate properties were raided and five arrests were made due to a large amount of cannabis being discovered. All five were charged with intent to supply.

There are known to be many such clandestine “coffee shops” all over London and the rest of the country.

They offer many cannabis consumers the opportunity to purchase a range of cannabis products, often including flowers, extracts, oils and edibles.


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  1. How many more years I’m I going to have wait till I can grow a few plants in garde since I was 14 its been in next ten years then that god then it’s next ten years all I can say is many years have passed please let it happen I’m going to die soon

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