Alcohol Destroys The Brain, Cannabis Heals It, Says Latest Science

You may not be aware of it, but alcohol damages the brain as soon as its effects can be felt. That’s right, bad decision making and memory blackouts are direct effects of alcohol-induced brain damage. Scary, huh?

The science surrounding the damaging effects of alcohol is very clear. In fact, there is no safe level of alcohol consumption and any amount of alcohol raises your risk of cancer.

Would you believe that alcohol is actually rated as more damaging than heroin in harm indexes?

Despite these facts, alcohol is legal and widely available in the UK. Us Brits even get drunk on alcohol more than any other nation.

Recent research from the University of Colorado in Boulder, however, has found evidence that suggests cannabinoids are far safer for long-term brain health compared to alcohol.

Cannabis safer than alcohol

For many years, we have been told by our government that cannabis will damage our bodies and brains and turn us crazy. Propaganda in the 90s showed a fried egg to demonstrate what would happen to your brain ‘on cannabis’.

It turns out that nothing could be further from the truth.

Reefer madness

Now, thanks to the Internet and a relaxing of prohibition in some parts of the world, the science of cannabis is exploding and facts can no longer be hidden or smeared by the government.

In fact, this latest research goes some way to prove that most propaganda is completely untrue. The final conclusions of this study sum it up nicely:

“Marijuana and associated cannabinoid products…were not shown to have any long-term impact on the amount of gray matter in the brain or on the integrity of the white matter.”

But the truth is even more interesting than ‘no damage’.

Cannabis is good for the brain

Research from 2018 has shown that cannabis use can have positive long term effects on the brain

This study, led by Staci Gruber, found that after just three months of cannabis treatment, participants were able to perform tasks better and had improved activation at two different cortexes of the brain which are responsible for controlling parts of our emotions and memories.

While that study is ongoing and is set to finish in around 24 months time, these results concur with studies coming out of Israel that show cannabis can prevent the brain from ‘slowing down’ as we age.

It is clear we are only beginning to scratch the surface of the benefits to humanity of this powerful and controversial plant. However, there is little doubt that people would be much healthier should they chose to consume cannabis over alcohol.

We do not advise people to regularly consume high-TH cannabis before the age of 25-30 as your brain is still developing. Stick to more balanced strains or CBD-rich varieties.

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