7 Signs You’re Smoking Too Much Weed

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How much weed is too much? Sometimes it can be hard to know.

After all, there are lots of benefits of consuming cannabis. And the risks – while there are some – are nowhere near as severe as those associated with drinking too much alcohol or even eating too much processed foods. 

However, there are risks. Although not experienced by everyone, smoking too much weed can lead to a lack of motivation, poor short term memory, and withdrawal symptoms like irritability and sleep problems when you stop. 

With that in mind, here are seven signs that you might be smoking too much weed… 

1. Blowing off responsibilities  

If you were to consistently get baked rather than going to a dental appointment or work or the gym, then you should probably take some time to evaluate your habit. 

Assuming responsibility for your long-term health, wealth and happiness is a vital part of maturing into a well-rounded adult. Take care of your responsibilities and then smoke some weed to reward yourself. It’ll be 100% more rewarding. 

2. Feeling worse after smoking

Sometimes I find I am smoking loads of weed but not getting that high. It doesn’t satisfy me and often I feel worse than before I smoked. 

This is clearly a tolerance issue and a sign of overloading my receptors with THC. 

I find that weed is usually more effective and enjoyable when just a couple of tokes is enough to get me grinning from ear to ear. 

If you’re smoking and feeling worse than before, it is clearly not working for you.

3. Too much time smoking weed

Life is fun. Reading, socialising and being creative are energising and fulfilling activities . 

If I find myself spending much of my day smoking weed, and not doing things that fulfill me, I know I need to cut back. Having interests, hobbies and passions are a great compliment to smoking weed and are important parts of a rich life.

4. Too much money spent on weed 

Unfortunately, weed is pretty expensive for most in the UK (growers and their friends excluded). And don’t even get me started on cali weed.

If I find that I’m not saving any money at the end of each month because it’s going on bud, I know I need to rebalance my books. 

Budgeting is useful here, as is rationing out your weed so it lasts longer. It’s not sexy, but it might be beneficial.    

5. Loved ones show concern 

If your friend, lover or parent tells you they think you’re smoking too much, most of us will get defensive and deny it. However, chances are they’re onto something. 

Try not to respond emotionally and consider what and why they are saying what they are. Loved ones want the best for you and by bringing this up with you, they are doing what they think is best. 

Be grateful you have such a person in your life, take their concerns seriously, and don’t be afraid to ask them for help. 

6. Dodging family or family events to get stoned instead

Spending time with family is one of those things that often seems like an inconvenience when you’re young. As you age, however, you realise just how special and rewarding these times are.

Smoking weed you can do anytime. Being with family is finite and one day you’ll wish you did it more. 

If you’re blowing off family engagements to get stoned, reconsider your priorities. 

7. Feeling like you can’t go to social events without blazing first then having a terrible time because you’re too faded

I used to do this all the time. I’d have plans to go out to a party or night out and I’d think to myself, “a little weed would make this night better.”

Sometimes it’d work. Usually, however, it would just make me introverted and low-energy.

Now, if I have something planned in the evening, I make sure not to smoke beforehand. This way I’m more present, engaged and have a much better time. 

If getting baked is having a negative effect on your social life, it might be time to stop that pre-party joint. 


At the end of the day, we all probably know deep down when we’re smoking too much weed. The negative consequences are obvious. However, lying to yourself and carrying on doing what feels good is easy to do. 

Therefore, you need to be honest with yourself and courageous enough to examine why you are using cannabis as a crutch. 

Weed is a wonderful plant when used intelligently. Observe your relationship with it and make changes if necessary. Enjoying weed on your own terms is so much better. 

This article has been sponsored by our friends at Ice Head Shop, the UK’s one-stop shop for all your smoking, vaping and CBD needs. Please check them out and show some love. 

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