7 Signs The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Lead To The Worldwide Liberalisation Of Cannabis

The world-wide coronavirus pandemic marks a transition point in the history of mankind. 

Faced with mass unemployment and long-term economic turmoil, not to mention the massive disruptions to everyday life that social distancing and isolation is having, we’re being forced to look at ourselves objectively. 

We’re collectively introspecting on our own values and priorities, alongside a world-wide inspection of our respective societal practices. 

We’re looking at how we spend our money and our time, how we treat ourselves and others, and what really matters to us.

For many, I think it’s already quite clear that the way life is set up isn’t working well. In fact, it’s making a lot of us unhappy, unhealthy and less human. 

Depression, anxiety, ADHD, obesity, addiction, diabetes – these are all symptoms of an overworked, under-loved, sick society. 

Expect a push back; An increased appreciation of good health. A move toward locally-produced, minimally processed food. An increase in remote jobs, as well as small and local business. Increased distrust in the pharmaceutical industry. Increased interest in natural remedies and alternative healing. 

Expect mindfulness, exercise and CBD to become the mainstream. Soon followed by the WORLDWIDE LIBERALISATION OF CANNABIS. 

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I see cannabis as a symbol of the coming revolt against an anti-human culture. It represents the turning away from a profit-led health system – pharmaceutical companies, doctors and scientists – and toward the healing power of nature.  

Here are 7 ways I THINK the global coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic shut-down will see cannabis take centre stage in a new age of nature-led health care. 

1. People taking more responsibility for their health 

The fear of a virus which is most dangerous for people with vulnerable immune systems has acted as the kick up the arse that a lot of us need to start taking our health seriously. 

Pretty much ALL home gym equipment is sold out on Amazon. I’ve also seen more people out jogging and exercising in the last few days than I have ever.  

Interest in non-pharmaceutical health and wellness practices has been steadily growing over recent years thanks to the ease and speed of information sharing afforded by the internet. This will only increase as a sick society desperately seeks its cure. 

Over the last two years, one natural health product has come to prominence: CBD. And that’s no surprise. Cannabis has been known since early times to be one of the most useful therapeutic plants, effective at treating a wide range of conditions. 

Growing desire for complete health will see cannabis widely used among the population, and the shift in perception will soon be impossible to ignore by politicians and law-makers. 

2. Growing distrust of pharmaceuticals

Anxiety and depression are among the most widely diagnosed conditions in the west. And western doctors like to treat these conditions as if they are mere imbalances in your brain chemistry. Treatments include a range of pills such as SSRIs, benzos and beta-blockers.

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A holistic view, on the other hand, views these as symptoms of a deeper problem. A sign that something in your life is out of balance – not enough sun, exercise or nutrition, too much time in front of a screen, on social media, scrolling.  

It’s becoming more obvious that the way we live is making us sick.

Therefore, expect to see a growing distrust of pharmaceuticals while things like cannabis, mindfulness and yoga become mainstream. 

3. Focus on domestic farming

In the UK at the moment, it’s likely that travel restrictions could limit the influx of vital seasonal workers needed to pick and pack fruit and vegetable crops over the summer. Food imports are also under threat from countries where severe lockdowns are being imposed. 

These problems will act as a wake-up call to bolster the nation’s food security, prompting a reevaluation of our food system’s reliance on imports and migrant workers.

Enter hemp – A fast-growing, highly valuable crop with many uses. It can be used for textile and paper, manufacturing and building, food, medicine and recreation

Hemp farming has exploded in the U.S thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. I expect regulations to loosen in the UK and Europe and hemp to become an important crop for many counties. 

4. Increase in home grows

As soon as there were rumours of a lockdown in the UK, not only did people start stocking up on weed, they also started buying seeds and growing equipment at record rates

Times of economic hardship make us humans think about what we spend our money on. Why spend up to and over £10 a gram when I can just invest some money now and become self-sufficient. 

In fact, with many of us living under lockdown for the foreseeable future, there’s never been a better time to grow your own

And the more people that grow cannabis, the more it will be used and shared among communities of people that are trying to heal and stay healthy. 

We could be about to see the blossoming of a new home-grown industry that will entrench cannabis well and truly into our culture. 

5.  Cannabis is ‘essential’

In the U.S, some states have allowed cannabis dispensaries to stay open as they are deemed essential

And it’s hard to argue that, for some people, cannabis is certainly essential. Many use it to manage pain, control seizures, and treat mental health problems. Without it they’d be in serious trouble. 

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These states, along with Canada, are paving the way for cannabis to be acknowledged world-wide for its essentialness to the human race.  

6. Loosened medicinal cannabis import restrictions 

The UK government has recently approved changes to import restrictions to ensure that people with prescriptions for cannabis-based products for medical use have faster access to their prescriptions. 

The changes made are a big step towards improving the supply of cannabis-based medicinal products in the UK, where despite medical cannabis being legalised over a year ago, prescriptions have been hard to come by for most. 

7. Need for economic boost

The global economy is facing unprecedented damage from the coronavirus crisis. It could well take years for the economy to recover, and even then the crisis will have already left its mark on investor psychology, business practices and consumer habits.

One sector that is looking strong, however, is cannabis – making it an attractive economic boost for many nations in the near future. 

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  1. We can only hope that laws become more relaxed here in the UK.

    I share your optimism, and think it would be beneficial on so many different levels.

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