7 Must-Visit Amsterdam Coffeeshops For Couples In 2020

‘We’re going to Amsterdam!’

This was the message written on the card my missus gave me for Christmas (she could be a keeper). 

As the trip approached, I began researching things for us to do – i.e. which coffeeshops to visit.

As a couple, we were looking for welcoming and comfortable coffeeshops, ideally with good drinks and an excellent selection of well-priced weed.

And I whittled it down to 7.  

We’ve only had two full days there, so it was a stretch to visit them all, but we did at least stick our heads in each and stayed for hours in some.

What a present!

Makes me feel a bit bad about the novelty mug and Toblerone I got her. 

Oh well, it’s Valentine’s Day soon and EasyJet have a sale on…

7 Coffeeshops For Couples To Visit in 2020

Sativa Amsterdam, Spuistraat 118

This charmer of a coffeeshop is cozy and chilled out. Chatty staff are more than happy to help with what you need and they have a nice selection of weed to choose from.

Make sure to grab a seat on the back wall. It’s the most comfortable and from there you can watch the coming and goings of the coffeeshop while passing the joint with your partner.

The Old Church, Amstel 8

A homely little coffeeshop with a friendly atmosphere, The Old Church is perfect for a pit-stop as you wander around Amsterdam. Modern decor and cheerful staff complement the high quality weed on offer, which usually includes at least one Cali import. 

They also have a Volcano tabletop vaporiser on hand, which is pretty cool if you haven’t tried one. Grab a fresh peppermint tea to go with it and you’ll be fully recharged and ready to explore the city.

De Kade, Stadionkade 107

Billing itself as the cosiest coffeeshop in Amsterdam, De Kade is a must visit for couples staying in the south of the city. This little gem, which has been around for over 30 years, is cute, friendly and has some of the best prices you’re likely to find in the city, 

Thanks to the professionalism and quality of the weed on offer, De Kade is popular with locals. It also has a foosball table if you’re feeling competitive!

The Stud, Molukkenstraat 581

The staff at the stud are unbelievable helpful. They really make you feel welcome and looked after while offering you an excellent weed menu that includes some U.S. imports.

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Their prices are unrivalled compared to the central Amsterdam shops, and its location on the outskirts of town means you don’t have to fight with masses of other tourists to get a spot in the smoking area or to be served.

Het Ballonnetje, Roetersstraat 12

This is a small and unassuming coffeeshop. What it lacks in space, however, it makes up for in character and hospitality. 

It offers a small but high-quality weed menu, as well as great coffee and a homely ambiance. Staff are ever-helpful and the smoking area is very classy. 

Tweede Kamer, Heisteeg 6

This is a coffeeshop for the lover of the finer things in life – like creamy hash and delicious edibles. It also has a good selection of weed, charming staff, good music and a comfortable setup.

There’s not a lot of room but it does have a more cozy and friendly atmosphere than most other coffee shops.

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Coffeeshop Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat 44

Somewhat unusually for this city, Coffeeshop Amsterdam offers table service for food and drinks, making this an ideal spot for a very stoned date. 

Spread over three floors of an iconic town house, not far from the central station, the shop’s weed menu is extensive. Their hash cakes are also meant to be pretty tasty. 

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