5 Ways To Make Your Weed Last Longer

Things may seem bad the moment, but it could get worse…

You could run out of weed! 

Luckily, this essential guide will show you how to preserve your weed stash and avoid dankruptcy during these uncertain times.     

1. Microdose

My first tip would be to make use of microdosing cannabis as a way to stretch out your supply. A microdose is simply taking a small amount of a substance – in the case of weed, a microdose looks like a single puff on a dry herb vape or a joint, or a small amount of an edible.

A microdose of weed is perceptible, but you won’t exactly feel high. Most people report feeling relaxed, content and happy. A microdose of THC satisfies the itch to consume weed. Make use of it. If you’re like me, you’ll soon start to really enjoy the feeling in between being sober and being stoned.  

2. Use a dry herb vape

Dry herb vapes heat your weed, allowing you to inhale the vapours given off. Not only is it less harmful than smoking, it’s also more economical with your weed. 

10 Of The Best Dry Herb Vapes In The UK

I can sit and puff away on 0.3g of bud for a good 15 minutes and get nicely baked. The AVB (already vaped bud) can then be eaten as it retains up to 20% of its THC content. The THC will be decarboxylated by the heat of the vape and ready to eat. 

Buy a dry herb vape here.

3. Get some CBD/hemp flower

CBD-rich hemp flower is a bit of a legal uncertainty in the UK. But legal or not, it’s still THE most effective CBD product on the market. 

And it’s ideal for mixing with THC-rich weed in order to use less. It’s also the best tobacco substitute and makes quitting tobacco easy

10 of the best CBD flower shops in the UK

As well as having anti-addictive, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties – making it a valuable addition to anyone’s health regiment – CBD  can also reduce the negative effects of THC that some people experience, such as paranoia, anxiety and memory problems. 

Buy CBD flower here. CBD oil here.  

4. Take tolerance breaks

As I’m sure most of you are aware, when you smoke weed all the time, you soon build up a tolerance. You find you need more and more THC to get the same level of ‘high’ that was easily attainable before. 

However, all it takes is 1-3 days for your tolerance to reset. Even 24 hours can have a big impact. Maybe think about a 1-3 day tolerance break weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  

5. Buy my book

I wrote a book about building a healthy relationship with cannabis. It goes into detail on the tips I cover here, as well as a number of different strategies and techniques that can help you use cannabis to improve your life.  

It’s got a few 5-star reviews and has seemed to have helped a few people. Check it out here

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