5 Undeniable Reasons To Grow Your Own Weed In The UK

Cannabis is the most common illegal drug in the UK. It’s not unusual to smell it as you walk down the street or through a local park. However, if you don’t have the right connections, it can be difficult to get hold of. 

Buying weed on the street can be a pretty daunting task. Similarly, going online to find a supplier is intimidating if you’re not so tech-savvy, and is fraught with risk even if you are. 

Therefore, what is the most reliable way to secure a source of high-quality cannabis? You guessed it – grow your own. 

In case you need some more persuading, here are 5 undeniable reasons to grow your own weed…

1. Growing your own weed empowers you 

It has been found that access to cannabis results in reduced pharmaceutical use and opioid deaths. That means that when people have the option, they often replace their pills with cannabis

In fact, cannabis could replace a huge chunk of commonly prescribed medication including sleeping pills, antidepressants, alcohol and painkillers – all of which have severe side effects. Cannabis-based medications can also help treat arthritis, skin conditions and gum disease. 

So, by growing your own at home, you could have consistent access to a very effective and versatile medicine, thus reducing your reliance on your pharmacist and taking back some power over your health.

2. Save money

Investing in setting up a grow tent, or even a grow bucket, will save you plenty of money in the long term. 

An initial outlay of a couple hundred quid (or less) will quite easily allow you to grow a consistent supply of high-grade cannabis, meaning you won’t have to shell out each week or month.

3. Control what you consume 

When you buy from an unregulated source, there’s no way of knowing just what it is you are getting. While it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll get synthetic cannabis or sprayed weed, the grower may have used chemical fertilisers, pesticides or artificial growth hormones like PGR. 

When you grow your own, you have complete control over what your plant consumes. If you so choose, you can guarantee your weed is organic and free of any pesticides or hormones. 

4. Safer than buying on street 

Unfortunately, when it comes to buying weed on the street, you’re in §a very vulnerable position. Due to the illegal nature of the product you are buying, the person selling it to you may not be the most trustworthy person. 

If you’re buying from someone you don’t know well, not only is there a chance you’ll get short-changed in terms of weight or quality, you’re also at risk of being robbed or worse. While I know that most weed dealers aren’t this deceitful, there are plenty of scumbags out there waiting to take advantage of someone in need. 

5. Fun and fulfilling hobby

Gardening is a great hobby. And  the same is true if the plant you are growing is cannabis. It takes care, attention and experimentation to grow good weed, and by undertaking the process you may find yourself falling in love with the process. 

And the best part – after growing, harvesting and curing – is the satisfaction of sitting back and sampling your own lovingly-grown bud. 


When it comes to securing yourself a reliable source of high-quality cannabis, the best option is to grow it yourself. 

With a little investment, focus and patience, you can be producing a consistent supply within a few months, saving money, ensuring quality and safety, empowering yourself, and having fun along the way. 

Get seeds here.

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