5 Of The Best New Books About Cannabis

There are hundreds of books out there on cannabis. Some are great and have become classics, while others merely rehash old information offer very little in value.

As the science of cannabis evolves and more people embrace its many uses, our understanding of this amazing plant grows and pieces of the cannabis puzzle slowly fall into place. And, luckily for us, there are some very intelligent and dedicated people out there who are distilling this new information into engaging and informative books, affording us all the opportunity to keep up with the fast-changing world of cannabis.

Whether it’s the science behind cannabis’ medicinal effects, a look at the plant’s new role in society, or its spiritual and ceremonial use, the following five new books shed plenty of light on the current state of cannabis, the fight for legalisation, and the big part that cannabis is inevitably going to play in the future of the human race.

If you’ve read any of these, please let us know your opinion of them. And if we’ve missed any, do let us know…

  1. Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis by Joe Dolce – 30 November 2017

Joe Dolce is a renowned journalist – and not a stoner – who takes us on his personal exploration of the “brave new world” of cannabis. Although much of the book is from an American perspective, Dolce broadens his search and heads to Amsterdam and Israel, as well as California and Colorado, to investigate the social, medical, legal, and cultural ramifications of this versatile plant.

After detailing the interesting history of cannabis, he goes on to take a look at the future of the modern industry, which is being directed by science and cultural acceptance. Entertaining and informative, while full of interesting stories and outlandish people, Dolce’s ‘Brave New Weed’ adds a vital voice to the cannabis conversation and paints a fresh and much-needed portrait of this wildly misunderstood plant.

  1. Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally by Stephen Gray – 9 February 2017

In Cannabis and Spirituality, Stephen Gray and 17 other contributors take a deep dive into the various spiritual and ceremonial uses of cannabis. They offer guidance and advice on how to interact with the intelligence of this “plant ally”, as well as detailing potential downfalls and warning of misuse.

Gray’s chapters examine dosage, strains, and methods of intake. He also covers the use of cannabis to open the creative channels and how to conduct group ceremonies with cannabis. We also hear about the religious and ritual use of cannabis from pre-biblical times to the present, cannabis and the body-mind connection, and humanity’s co-evolution with cannabis.

Cannabis and Spirituality makes a great read if you’re looking to gain insight into the spirit of cannabis, enhance your relationship with the plant, or to simply learn about how it has assisted the spiritual evolution of mankind. After finishing this book, I found myself with a greater appreciation and respect for a plant I thought I knew pretty well.

  1.  Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann Hari – 28 January 2016

While not strictly about cannabis, Johann Hari’s New York Times best-selling book reveals –  through his epic three-year, thirty-thousand-mile journey into the war on drugs and addiction – that everything we thought we knew about addiction is wrong.

A compelling read from start to finish, Hari’s discoveries in Chasing the Scream will leave you shocked, angry, and, ultimately, enlightened. Hari dismantles the dangerous ‘war on drugs’ and puts forth a rational argument for drug legalisation, backed by facts, real-life accounts and common sense. If this doesn’t change your views on addiction, recreational drugs and social issues in general, then you, my friend, need to spark a joint and take a good look at yourself.

  1. Weed Deeds: From Seed to Sage by Russ Hudson – 1 June 2017

Weed Deeds is the autobiographical debut from cannabis expert Russ Hudson. It is a moving and inspirational account of a deeply troubled youth growing up on the streets who finds his calling in life in cannabis.

By the age of 21, Hudson was a domestic cannabis smuggler, and by his thirties was brokering cannabis deals for major international players. This book chronicles Hudson’s cannabis-centric life, which leads him to become one of the world’s most well-known and trusted consultants in the field.

For anyone with aspirations in the cannabis industry, this book will serve as inspiration and motivation. Personally, I have found it a valuable resource by offering an insight into an exciting new cannabis industry that is full of opportunity.

You can learn more about Russ in this short Vice documentary:  

  1. The Boy in 7 Billion –  A true story of love, hope and courage by Callie Blackwell and Karen Hockney – 5 October 2017

When British lad Deryn Blackwell was 10 years old, he was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Then, 18 months later, he developed another rare form of cancer called Langerhans cell sarcoma. Only five other people in the world had it, and Deryn was the only person in the world known to be fighting it alongside another cancer, making him one in seven billion.

This book tells the amazing story of how Deryn went from having only days to live to making a dramatic and full recovery. This was thanks to Deryn’s mum, Callie, who, as a very last resort, had secretly administered cannabis oil to her dying son.

This painful, uplifting, and beautifully told story is a heart-wrenching example of the medicinal power of cannabis. It is also an urgent call for cannabis to be made available to those who need it most. Callie is now a prominent and passionate figure in the fight for cannabis legalisation in the UK. You can help her fight for medical cannabis in the UK by supporting here GoFundMe page here.

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