5 Observations From Consuming Cannabis Before Exercise

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A recent study showed how just 15 minutes of strength training a day increases levels of endocannabinoids in the brain and body, pointing to a strong link between exercise, cannabinoids, and the sense of well-being that exercise produces. 

Personally, I have taken my fitness quite seriously over the last few years, and cannabis has become a major tool in helping me reach my goals in this department. 

While it’s common for athletes and fitness fans to use cannabis post-workout to aid recovery, I want to talk about my experiences of using cannabis before a workout. 

With that said, here are five observations I’ve made from consuming cannabis before exercise…

1. Improved mind to muscle connection

The main reason I use cannabis before going to the gym or doing a mobility/yoga session is that THC greatly enhances my mind to muscle connection. So much so that I find myself using much better form as a result. 

This improved body awareness really allows me to feel the muscle I’m targeting contract and relax much more efficiently than usual. Often, I’ll do an exercise I regularly do, but I’ll feel it in a completely new way. 

This has allowed me to make many breakthroughs in understanding my own physiology – especially when it comes to posture and muscle imbalances. 

Using THC before a stretching, yoga or a mobility workout is also an invaluable tool. I go deeper into stretches and poses. I can send my awareness to different parts of my body and encourage them to open up, elongate and relax. 

I truly believe that 1-2 hours of intuitive stretching while high (sometimes in the dark) will do more for your mobility and flexibility than weeks of classes and Youtube follow-alongs. 

2. Improved focus  

Because of a heightened bodily awareness, I also find it easier to stay focused during a workout. I’ve found 5 minutes to be the sweet spot where the weed keeps me in tune with my body and focused on each rep for the entire workout. 

Longer than this can see the intense focus wear off slightly. For yoga and mobility sessions I can do 60-90 minutes while very much in the zone. 

3. Better breathing

Studies are showing how important correct breathing is for overall health and wellbeing. The main aspects of correct breathing being a slow, deep and relaxed breath through the nose at all times.

When I vape cannabis before the gym, I find that I’m much more aware of my rate of breathing and where the air is going in my body. This allows me to keep a steady, light breath – not inhaling too much and not exhaling forcefully – which keeps me calm, in control and focused. 

4. Can feel a bit woozy if haven’t eaten much

If I’m going to consume cannabis before a workout or bike ride, I always make sure I’ve eaten a solid meal an hour or so before, otherwise I can become a bit woozy and not feel my strongest.

5. Afternoons better than mornings

I usually only vape before afternoon sessions. I do like to train in the morning in a fasted state, but I’ve found this doesn’t go too well with a pre-smoke – it can leave me a bit lethargic later in the day. 

Weed and movement 

The mind and body are not separate. Therefore, if you move the body, you activate the mind. Mindful movement and mindful breathing are two powerful practices to affect the mind in this way.

And cannabis is one of the greatest tools to enhance movement and breathing practices. Combining them can lead to more enjoyment, greater satisfaction and faster progress.

By moving your body intentionally and breathing consciously, with a focus on being present at the same time, you encourage the movement of energy around your body. This allows you to act more effectively in the world, with greater purpose and energy. 

Additionally, the benefits of increasing your awareness through cannabis-assisted mindful movement are vast. Expect to improve your heart health, reduce anxiety, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and boost your energy and mood. 

Cannabis users move more and weigh less

A number of studies show that cannabis consumers have significantly lower BMI, less obesity, and better metabolic health than those who don’t consume – and that’s despite them eating more calories. 

It’s also been found that endocannabinoids (naturally produced cannabinoids) are much higher in obese people than non-obese people. In fact, it’s well established that obesity is associated with overactivation of the endocannabinoid system.

Why could this be?

Well, one theory that looks likely is that the downregulation of CB1 receptors following cannabis use counteracts the obesity-causing effects of high dietary omega-6 consumption.

Read more about this here.


Exercise is so good for us that there’s no excuse not to do it regularly. And cannabis makes exercise more enjoyable, more effective, and more satisfying. 

Combining weed and working out has been one of the best strategies I’ve used in my own health and fitness journey. How does weed help you in yours?

This article has been sponsored by our friends at Ice Head Shop, the UK’s one-stop shop for all your smoking, vaping and CBD needs. Please check them out and show some love. 

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