3 Tips For Smoking Cannabis In The Cold

Tomorrow may be the first day of March, but the UK is currently experiencing a bitterly cold spell. Nicknamed by the press “The Beast From The East”, the cold weather has left much of the country under a couple of inches snow.

Of course, this being Britain, chaos has ensued. Trains are delayed, flights are cancelled and even walking to the local shop has become a danger-filled expedition. Despite most of the population endlessly complaining about the weather, many of us cannabis enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy a nice smoke in the snow.

There’s just something about lighting up a fat one while taking in the vast whiteness that covers the usual grey and decay of urban areas or the naked trees and muddy ground of more rural paces. But, saying that, the cold can cause a few problems. Ever tried sparking a lighter with hands so chilled that they feel on fire? Or holding a joint between two fingers without said fingers dropping off due to frostbite? These are real problems. And, luckily, here are some answers…

1. Smoker’s Gloves

These thick and puffy gloves not only keep your hands nice and toasty, they also feature a handy hole between the first- and forefinger which just so happens to be the perfect size to slide your joint through. Just make sure you don’t let the joint burn down too far or your gloves will catch alight and make your hands a bit too toasty.

2. This awesome coffee flask which doubles as a bong!

As well as keeping your coffee warm while you brave the elements, this flask can be extended into a two-and-a-half-foot pipe. The handle unscrews and inserts into the base, becoming the bowl, while the mouthpiece is the horizontal part of the handle. There’s also a smaller version that extends to 14 inches. But we want the big one 🙂

3. Dry herb vaporiser
While joints and bongs are great, new technology is making consuming cannabis more convenient than ever. Dry herb vaporisers are great examples of this. Simply fill one up with your bud, wrap up warm, and get out of the house. You can now easily and discreetly vape away with no need for lighters or any other equipment.

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