3 Reasons You Should Be Vaping CBD Hemp Flowers Rather Than Smoking Them

With the UK set to launch headfirst into the world of medical cannabis this fall, the government still hasn’t discussed what it will approve. In other markets, like Canada, the government is still wary about non-traditional non-flower formats. But smoking isn’t always the best option, especially for medical purposes. Vaping is new, but possibly a much healthier way to use cannabis therapeutically.

1. Smoking leads to a higher risk of respiratory health issues

According to one of the most in-depth studies to date covering cannabis and human health, there are thankfully no known long-term side effects of smoking cannabis (although there are a few risks to smoking cannabis everyone should know about). But, there is evidence suggesting smoking anything, cannabis included, increases your risk of developing respiratory issues in the short term.

From the author’s review of the available literature, they determined, “Smoking cannabis on a regular basis is associated with chronic cough and phlegm production.” While these side effects aren’t long term, they can lead to the development of chronic bronchitis.

But why inhale incinerated particulate alongside your medicine? After all, smoke is just the tiny burnt particles from organic plant matter. Vaping avoids incineration altogether, preventing phlegm and chronic cough development from the start.

2. Vaping uses lower temperatures and maintains the integrity of the product

There are well over 100 known cannabinoids found in marijuana. These cannabinoids are naturally very sensitive to heat. Some studies have discovered nearly 50% of the THC in a joint is burnt off during the smoking process. Smoking, which can reach temperatures of up to 700 degrees Celsius, is a massive waste of cannabis.

Vaping on the other hand, which relies on a slow, low heating process, does not need to reach the same high temperatures. Vaping protects the sensitive medicinal compounds. Vaping temperatures usually sit around 210 degrees Celsius depending on the device. A much lower dose of heat to keep the therapeutic value.

Increasingly, terpenes are thought to hold many therapeutic mysteries, but these aromatic oils are even more sensitive to heat than cannabinoids. With low-heat vaping devices, terpenes can work right alongside cannabinoids to provide many medicinal benefits.

3. Vaping is more Cost Effective

With upwards of 50% of your dose literally going up in smoke, joint and bong hits aren’t a cost-effective way to use cannabis as medicine. Edibles, whose effects take much longer to set in and are often an entirely different experience altogether, are not the answer for everyone either.

Vaping, whose benefits are felt within only a few minutes, provides people with an affordable way to effectively dose. While the initial investment in a vaporiser may cost a bit more up front, it uses less weed and will save you money in the long term.

Smoking cannabis doesn’t have any known long-term effects, but the short-term risks aren’t pleasant. A chronic cough, increased phlegm and the development of bronchial issues are unpleasant and could prevent you from smoking any more medicine. Vaping cannabis instead helps to protect your lungs from the harsh smoke, maintains the integrity of the valuable medicinal compounds, and is a much more cost-effective for long-term therapeutic use.

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13 Comments on “3 Reasons You Should Be Vaping CBD Hemp Flowers Rather Than Smoking Them”

  1. How do you mix hemp buds with ejuice?? Do you just crumble it up and drop a few tiny bits into the e liquid and your good to fire?

        1. The Boundless Technology CFC 2.0 is a good one to start with. Check out TheHedonistClub.co.uk. They have some great vapes and are very knowledgeable. Also, I’ll be doing an article soon about my favourite vapes so keep an eye out for that.

          1. That’s where I got my vape from and they put in a personalized thank you and a little pack of love hearts haha. Thought that was a nice touch.

  2. Nice write up Jack. I started vaping CBD flower that I got from a UK company, the strains were Lemon Haze, Blue Dream and White Russian. This being my first time vaping CBD flower I wasn’t overly impressed with the taste, it was pretty horrible actually (190 degrees C/ Fury 2 Vape with Water Bubbler) and tasted completely different to smoking THC strains back in the day. Is this what I should expect from vaping any strains of CBD flower, does it lose all decent taste due to the lack of THC? It was a sort of damp, musty flavour.
    I did smoke a pre-rolled joint (Holy Weed) while I was in Switzerland and it didn’t taste like this, I wonder if that’s because it was smoked and not vaped.

    1. Hi Ryan. Thanks for the comment.

      While some CBD strains don’t compare to regular weed, I can assure you there are some great strains available in the UK with much better flavour. I’m trying Strawberry Kush from HempElf at the moment and it’s impressive I can assure you. Skywalker OG from MrOhm is great, too. Give them a go!

      1. Thanks for the reply Jack. Yeah I don’t know what’s up with this stuff. It tastes old, musty and well…like sh*t lol. I’ve ordered some Lemon Skunk from HempElf to compare it to what I got from the other company. Who knows, maybe that’s how CBD flower tastes through a vape and I have to get used to it.

  3. Jack. Does vaping herb hurt/damage our chest?

    I have had to stop smoking ciggatettes as I noticed some breathing tightness from it. Freaked me out. But I want to vape herb as I can’t afford eating it!

  4. Please can I ask something probably a bit stupid but I’m a beginner lol. I buy simply cbd as only one i can afford. I have the oil and the entourage at the moment but not noticing anymore help with my me chronic pain syb/fibro myalgia depression anxiety and arthritis (I know, and I’m only 38) can I just pour some of my cbd oil into my nord vape? Sorry for the silly question I’d really really appreciate a reply and information that can help me. Thanks so much and blessings x

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