3 Important Reasons To Smoke Weed With Your Partner

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘couples who smoke together, stay together’ a few times in our lives? Or perhaps not.

Either way, this would seem like a good day to investigate the effects of cannabis on relationships.

Is it best if you both smoke? Or not? Is cannabis good for relationships?

Here’re three reasons why cannabis might be good for you and your partner to indulge in occasionally.

1. Cannabis users are happier and stay together longer

Well, it turns out that cannabis can have remarkable bonding effects.

Some studies point to the fact that cannabis users have more in common with each other, so that puts them off to a flying start even before any of the other interesting effects come into play.

A 2014 study carried out by the Journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviours followed 600 heterosexual couples over a period of 9 years to examine and record how they behaved.

The study uncovered incredible evidence that not only were the couples who smoked together happier, but there was also a significantly lower chance of domestic violence occurring in their relationship.

And this was even if only one member of the couple smokes weed.

This is in stark contrast to the data from couples who drink together who have a much higher chance of domestic violence occurring in their relationships.

2. Cannabis helps couples to open up

Weed can help couples to open more emotionally, without a doubt, and is special in that it allows people to easily see matters from a different perspective.

And often it seems cannabis users find it easier to display empathy to their partners, even if it is not always reciprocated back to them.

Dr. Julie Holland, editor of The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis, said the following in regard to the matter:

“If two people have ingested cannabis, they may move away from this emotional ledge and into what they’re really feeling.”

One study shows that cannabis does indeed affect our emotional processing, which can definitely affect how you act toward the people that you are surrounded by.

3. Cannabis users have more and better sex…

Other studies have shown that cannabis users have more and better sex, generally.

A 2017 study by researchers at Stanford University’s school of medicine discovered that frequent cannabis users have 20% more sex than those who do not use cannabis.

While cannabis users subjectively report better sex together, big data seems to back it up that this is correct!

The OKCupid website which has the data of many millions of members clearly shows on the graph above that cannabis smokers, both present and past, find it far easier to achieve orgasm.

For those who have never smoked cannabis, the numbers are much less encouraging.

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