25 Best CBD Oil Brands On Sale In The UK (2019)

CBD oil is now more popular than well-established health supplements such as vitamin C and vitamin D. It’s one of the fastest growing industries in the UK right now. 

And while until recently there were only a handful of CBD oil  brands to choose from, we now have hundreds all vying for their market share. 

Needless to say, some of these companies are more interested in profits than patients, and this is reflected in the quality of their products. 

To help you sift your way through them all and to know if a product is any good, we have listed 25 CBD oil brands on sale in the UK that you can give your money to with confidence that the products they sell are of the highest quality. 

1. Eden Aromata

This a brand that prides itself on delivering premium quality products for an affordable price. Their organic CBD oil is made from high-CBD cannabis plants (rather than industrial hemp) grown lovingly in the Swiss alps. Their supplier is actually leading Swiss hemp company KannaSwiss, yet they charge a lower price that KannaSwiss!

I like that their oil products also come with both a pipette and a spray pump so you can choose how you wish to administer the oil. Their 12% oil, with 1,200mg of CBD, is only £39.20 after discount.  

2.  CBDistellery

Available at HempElf, this U.S. brand use only the best high-CBD hemp grown in Colorado. They’re renowned across the pond for their effective and high quality products, and make lots of UK oils look pretty bad in comparison.

They also offer very strong concentrations of up to 5,000mg of CBD. Ideal for people who need stronger doses for whatever reasons. 

3. Bud & Tender

The team behind Bud & Tender know their stuff. They have a real passion for the cannabis plant and that is reflected in the incredible measures they go to to ensure their product is the best it can be. 

What they have formulated in their CBD oil is a great-tasting, highly effective oil made from clean and pure hemp. Available in 500 mg and 1000 mg concentrations, prices of their CBD start from £45. They also offer samples for £10. 

4. CBD Armour 

CBD Armour’s Silver Full Spectrum CBD Oil is, as far as we can tell, one of the best value CBD oils sold in the UK. Each 10ml bottle contains 1,000mg of CBD and costs just £30. 

We also like CBD Armour Silver for its simplicity – it has just two ingredients, both derived from the cannabis plant: full spectrum hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil. It contains no other chemicals, flavours or preservatives. We appreciate this. Although the taste is not the best.

5. KannaSwiss 

KannaSwiss is one of Switzerland’s best CBD brands. Since becoming one of the first to bring legal CBD flower and hash to Europe, they have now released an impressive range of CBD products made from the best Swiss hemp.

This Water Soluble Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, being sold by UK-based HempElf, is one of the first water-soluble CBD products in the UK. And, according to their website, “water-soluble CBD is absorbed directly by the body and so its effect is much more pronounced than its equivalent oil form.”

Therefore, while this 30ml bottle has a modest 150mg CBD content, it is approximately 4 times as powerful than an oil-based CBD product with an equivalent concentration. The taste isn’t horrible either.

6. Raised Spirit 

Founded by professional MMA fighter Nick Osipczak, Raised Spirit is made with athletes and active people in mind. Nick is passionate about the potential of hemp, especially since CBD was approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency, better known as the WADA.

Made with nothing but full spectrum hemp extract and hemp seed oil, this 10ml bottle contains 1,000 mg of CBD. And you can rest assured that each batch is accurately lab tested to ensure its suitability for athletes in all sports.

7. Bhang

Named after the traditional Indian hemp drink that’s consumed in celebration, Bhang are a pretty unique CBD brand. As well as a great oil collection, they also offer a fresh mint CBD spray and CBD chewing gum.  

Their oils come in amazing flavours like watermelon cucumber mint and strawberry lemonade. Prices start from £50 for 750mg of CBD. 

8. Aura CBD

This CBD oil is unique in that it contains CBDa, the acidic precursor to CBD that comes with many of its own health benefits.

Suspended in hemp seed oil, this their 20% oil is and also contains a strong terpene profile, as well as healthy fatty acids and antioxidants.

9. Pharmahemp

This is a unique product in that it combines three other powerful ingredients to act alongside a hemp extract that features a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients.

Its ingredients are organic hemp extract, curcumin from turmeric, black pepper (which is known to work synergistically with curcumin), and an olive oil base. For someone who wants the added effect of other therapeutic plants alongside a CBD-rich extract, there’s nothing comparable to this on the UK CBD market. 

10. Love Hemp

Love Hemp were one of the pioneering companies that first started selling CBD oil in the UK. Since then, they have continued to grow at an astonishing rate.  

You may have seen their CBD water on sale in supermarkets around the country. However, it’s their oils and edibles which are our faves. 

11. FORIA 

This American brand specialise in intimate CBD oils (wink, wink). However, they’ve recently released a range of broad-spectrum oils designed for oral consumption.

Their prices start from just under £40 for 500mg mg of CBD and the brand can be purchased from Hemp Botanics, located on Portobello Road in London.  

12. Brown’s CBD 

This full-spectrum CBD hemp oil contains 2000mg of CBD carried in organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

It is a golden colour and has been gently heated in so that the CBD is decarboxylated, which basically means it has been activated from CBDa to CBD. It also contains trace amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBDV, CBC, CBN, CBG & THC.

Use code ‘HP10‘ for a 10% discount. 

13. Cannbidolpharm 

If using a small dropper is awkward or inconvenient for you, Cannabidolpharm, has created a handy CBD oil spray. Instead of squeezing drops under your tongue, you simply spray a few times under your tongue.

Designed for new and experienced users alike, the spray contains organic broad-spectrum hemp extract (including CBD, CBDA, CBG and CBC) suspended in organic virgin hemp seed oil. You can read our in-depth review of Cannabidolpharm’s 500mg spray here

14. CBD Brothers 

One of the leaders of the UK CBD industry, CBD brothers are a good-willed and honest company who offer a superb range of CBD products at affordable prices. Their Blue Edition CBD Oil is made with a 25% CBD hemp extract from outdoor-grown, organic hemp plants, along with cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

It’s one of their most popular products and has exceptional reviews. All their products are made at their own specifically built laboratory located in Suffolk.

15. Endoca

Endoca are unusual in that they source their hemp from Scandinavia, which they say has the ideal conditions for producing healthy plants. And they might be onto something because their CBD oil is very effective. 

They offer a range of strengths, form 300mg to 1,500mg, and their oils feature both CBD and CBDa – the acidic precursor to CBD which has its own numerous health benefits. They also have a fantastic blog all about CBD and cannabis.  

16. Hempura

Hempura are a well-respected CBD brand in the UK thanks to years of dedicated service to their customers. They offer a great CBD oil which comes beautifully packaged in a luxurious box. 

Using hemp grown in Eastern Europe, they offer oils from 250mg to 1,000 mg. They also give you the choice between full spectrum and broad spectrum, which is a nice touch. 

17. Provocan

This brand has got leading experts and opinion leaders in Israel to formulate its CBD oil. It’s then manufactured in the EU in GMP compliant facilities before being marketed in the UK.

Many people love this brand and there are lots of good reviews of it online. You can get 300mg – 2,400mg, with prices starting from just £24.99. Not bad for such a trusted product. 

18. LoveCBD

LoveCBD have been around for a while in the UK. In that time, they have developed a range of wonderful CBD products. ]

Their ‘entourage’ spray oils, however, are particularly good. And what’s great is the wide range of options they have, from a low as just £9.99 for 150mg. 

19. Elixinol

Elixinol are a professional CBD brand from The Netherlands who also serve the UK. They have built a loyal following and many swear by their products. 

They offer a variety of CBD oils in two flavours, ‘cinnamint’ and natural. The oils are manufactured from organic hemp using a chemical-free CO2 extraction process. A portion of profits are also donated to various charities. 

20. Holistic Hemp Scotland 

Based in Scotland (surprise, surprise) we pride themselves on being the UK’s leading ethical legal CBD supplier. They strive to provide the cleanest, safest and most effective oils, pastes, capsules and edibles on the market.

Their cannabis is grown by Europe’s leading biodynamic organic farmers before being hand-harvested and slowly-cured. Their 5% Alpine CBD oil can be purchased for £29.99.

21. CBD Life 

Another long-standing UK brand, CBD Life are reliable and offer good products. They offer oils in both sprays and drops, with CBD content ranging between 400mg to 2,000mg. 

Prices range between £24.95 to £89.95, which represents great value. 

22. Simply CBD

Simply CBD are a wholesome UK brand that specialises in animal products – they also run a dog charity. Not only that, their products are also very cheap in comparison to many other brands.  

They offer a range of oils, some with added ingredients such as turmeric and black pepper. Prices start at an incredible £7!

23. Blessed CBD

A relative newcomer to the UK market, Blessed CBD have some great products. Their hemp is grown with care on licensed farms in Colorado, which is why they already have thousands of happy customers in the UK. 

They offer 3 choices of CBD oil – 500mg, 1,000mg and 1,800mg. Their website features third party lab results to ensure transparency. 

24. Biopurus

Biopurus UK is a young and thriving CBD brand. They offer cold-pressed oils including a boutique range of high-quality hemp products, hemp tea and organic CBD oils.

Biopurus CBD oils are full-spectrum CBD and taste quite strong. But they are very effective,

25. Hemptouch

Hemptouch is a small Slovenian grower and manufacturer of high-quality CBD products. They specialise in cosmetic products, but their oils are also of great quality.

Their full-spectrum oil features a blend of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids, creating an entourage effect that keeps the body in balance.

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    1. I’ve been closely following the industry since it began. As well as trying out products from most of these brands mentioned, I also met many of the faces behind them at trade shows and industry events. I also keep an eye on FB groups and forums to gauge public opinion. Of course, there are many more brands that are doing a stellar job and deserve a mention. However, the ones in this list are all excellent companies that I can personally vouch for. Thanks for the comment Nichola!

  1. Is there an oil that I can buy that has the same effect as vaping weed. As I want to stop vaping also my other idea is edibles or buying some weed to cook with. I want to stop smoking all together. . I have tried CBD oil but it isn’t enough.

  2. Is there an oil that I can buy that has the same effect as vaping weed. As I want to stop vaping also my other idea is edibles or buying some weed to cook with. I want to stop smoking all together. . I have tried CBD oil but it isn’t enough.

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