10 Ways For Healthy People To Use Cannabis

Millions of people use cannabis recreationally because, well, it can be fun. Millions also use it for medicinal purposes. However, there is now a growing group of people don’t quite fit either category of consumer.

Thanks to cannabis’ vast therapeutic value, health-conscious people are using cannabis as a way to prevent disease, enhance their fitness, and to generally live a healthier and happier life.

They are primarily using raw cannabis or cannabis-derived products that are rich in THC (which gets you ‘high’) and/or CBD (which does not get you ‘high’).

So, not strictly for recreational purposes and not strictly for medical purposes, this new category of cannabis consumers puts a new perspective on the recreational vs medicinal dichotomy.

Here are 10 ways you can use cannabis to preserve and enhance your health and wellbeing – even if you don’t have a medical condition and/or don’t want to get high.

1. To recover from the gym

CBD and THC have both been found to be highly anti-inflammatory. That means after a hard session at the gym, a dose of cannabis will help you heal quicker and keep you performing at your best day in, day out.

2. For food

Hemp (low-THC cannabis) has been used as a source of nutrition for hundreds of years. In fact, its seed is highly nutritious and offer omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in the optimal ratio for humans. Hemp protein is a well-absorbed plant protein and is often used by athletes.

3. To get to sleep

If you’ve ever smoked a joint, you probably laughed a lot, got cravings for sugar, and then slept like a log. THC and CBD have both been shown to induce and aid sleep. And good sleep is a cornerstone of good health.

4. For tea

Tea is one of the most treasured delights in the history of mankind. And cannabis tea is even better. You can use THC-rich cannabis, CBD-rich cannabis, or a combination depending on the effects you desire. CBD tea is becoming very popular in the UK, in particular.

5. As a part of your first aid kit

Cannabis-infused salves and balms are the perfect addition to your home first aid kit. Both THC and CBD are antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. You can apply either CBD or THC balm to cuts, scrapes, aches and pains of all kinds.

6. To protect your brain

Neurodegenerative diseases are on the rise. Many people take measures like improving their diet and getting exercise to protect their brain. Some are also now using cannabis as both CBD and THC have been shown to protect the brain from damage and to enhance the growth of new brain cells.

7. To bond with friends and family

Consuming THC-rich cannabis can give you feelings of euphoria, a new perspective, and a deeper bond with your fellow human. CBD-rich cannabis can relax you, calm a racing mind, and bring you into the present moment. Both can be used to enhance social gatherings and personal relationships.

8. As lubrication (or massage oil)

Sticking with relationships, cannabis makes a great addition to intimate oils such as lubrication and massage oils. And with the relaxing and invigorating effects of cannabis, you be in for a night like no other. In fact, cannabis consumers and a healthy sex life seem to go hand in hand.

9. To help manage anxiety

Even healthy, well-rounded people experience levels of anxiety at times. Whether it’s before a public speaking event, a job interview or your first meeting with the in-laws, a dose of CBD can reliably reduce anxiety. At low doses, so can THC. But be careful because larger doses can increase anxiety

10. To keep your skin healthy

The inflammation-fighting effects of cannabis can also be used to improve skin health. Use CBD-infused balm or cream as part of your daily skincare routine and watch your largest organ glow with health.

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