10 Ways I Use Cannabis To Enhance My Healthy Lifestyle

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself valuing my health a lot more. 

Whereas I used to be able to run just fine on a couple hours of sleep and an espresso, I now can hardly stand getting less than 7 hours in the sack, not having a nutritious breakfast, and not doing some form of exercise most days. 

Since I’ve made my health a priority, I’ve never felt better. But it took a while to get here. I tried different diets, meal timings, exercise programs, and mindfulness techniques. 

Experimenting with each has had its own benefits, but one thing that I could not do without in my wellness routine is cannabis. 

Since I have been using cannabis to complement my health-focused lifestyle, I feel like I’ve found the missing piece. It’s improved my workouts, my recovery, and my general health – physical, mental and spiritual. 

Here’s how…

1. To enhance my meditation and yoga practice

I find that a small dose of THC before I sit down to meditate or just before a yoga class is a great way of connecting with the present moment, blocking out all distractions, and really feeling my body and breath. 

Too much THC, however, and it can take me right out of the moment and send my mind racing, so be careful when it comes to dosing.  

2. To improve skin health

I like to have a sauna almost daily. And after I get out of the dry heat, I rub CBD oil into my face. It makes my skin smooth and soft. 

3. To recover after a hard workout

After a good hour-or-more of pushing and pulling heavy weights, I focus on recovery. That means rest, good food, and sleep. Both CBD and THC are very useful for recovering as they are potent anti-inflammatories. 

I’ll use a CBD balm to massage into my sore muscles or joints, while a low-dose THC/CBD capsule will help me relax after the workout. 

4. To relax in the sauna

Sitting in a really hot wooden room and sweating is very good for you. It’s not easy though. After about 10 minutes of it, my thumping heart beat causes me to become restless and uncomfortable.  

By using cannabis beforehand – usually a quick vape of THC flower combined with CBD flower – I’ll enter with a focused mind and a more relaxed body. This allows me to stay calm and aware, ultimately making it easier to stay in the heat for a good 20 minutes.  

5. As an alcohol replacement

When out socialising, rather than drink beer, wine or spirits, I like to power up my dry herb vape and take a couple of pulls. I usually have a mix of CBD flower and THC flower, giving me a nice uplifting buzz, comparable to the feeling after about two glasses of wine. 

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6. To focus during a workout

Not always, but sometimes, I like to take a dose of THC before a workout. It helps me focus on myself and not get distracted, which is I can struggle with during exercise.   

7. To improve creativity

I like to write, and a microdose of THC just before I start helps me relax, unlock my creativity, and let the words flow out of me. I find ideas and words come to me easier and the whole process is much more enjoyable than usual. 

8. To enhance a bike ride

Going for a bike ride is one of my favourite things to do. And it’s even more fun after a dose of THC. I’ll either take my dry herb vape with me to dose on the go, or I’ll pop a THC-containing capsule just before I head out so that it kicks in some time into the ride. 

9. To sleep better

Some CBD before bed makes dropping off effortless for me. I used to use THC, but found that it stopped me dreaming so I now just use CBD.

I’ll take a CBD capsule while I’m reading in bed and before I know it I’m sliding down into the covers and knocking out until the morning. CBD also doesn’t make me feel groggy the next day like THC can.  

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10. For nutrition

Hemp seed and hemp seed oil feature heavily in my kitchen. I use them both in smoothies, and I cook most things in hemp seed oil. The seed is a highly nutritious part of the plant, featuring an ideal ratio of omega 3 to 6 fatty acids.  

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