10 Reasons Tenerife Is The Best Weed-Friendly Holiday Destination In Europe

Summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a well-deserved (cough, cough) weed-infused holiday. 

What if we told you there was an island in Europe where the sun is still shining bright, flights there are cheap, and high-quality weed is everywhere – even sold in welcoming social clubs overlooking the ocean.  

Well that place exists; it’s called Tenerife. In fact, the above is probably true on all the idyllic Canary Islands, but it was Tenerife I visited this summer so it’s Tenerife I’ll be exalting in this article. 

To make my case for it being the best stoner holiday destination for us Brits (or anyone really), here are 10 reasons… 

1. The cannabis social clubs

There’re more than 50 cannabis social clubs in Tenerife. As it’s a territory of Spain, the islanders have specific rights to supply cannabis to members of licenced private clubs. Luckily, most also let foreigners join too, usually for a small joining fee. 

Once a member, you can choose from a variety of strains and cannabis products. Many clubs offer nice smoking areas – some overlooking the sea – as well as TV’s, video games and board games. You can find clubs and their context details on weedmaps.  

2. The weather

Located off the west coast of Africa, many people are surprised to learn that the Canary Islands are so far south. This means they have lots of sunshine and great temperatures year-round.

3. The people

Spaniards are vibrant and full of life. Canary Islanders are also that, as well as extremely welcoming. People in Tenerife, especially away from the more tacky Los Americas area, are friendly, warm and very social. They know how to live well, that’s for sure.  

4. The food

Oh the food. The freshest seafood, local organic ingredients, and some fine local wine. What more could you ask for after smoking a fatty in the sun?

5. The incredible smoke spots

Breath-taking beaches, quaint little villages, even an active volcano – Tenerife has it all when it comes to awe-inspiring scenery. Smoke spots don’t get much better than that. 

6. The cheap flights

Return flights to Tenerife are often found for less than £200, sometimes even less than £100. Thanks to its popularity with package holiday-loving Brits, a number of low-cost airlines serve the island, meaning lots of cheap flights and last-minute offers.

7. The location

It may be located just off the coast of southern Morocco, but as a part of Spain, Tenerife is still in Europe. That means for now (post-brexit could be a different story) Brits can enter with no need for a visa. 

8. The amazing hash

As just mentioned, Tenerife is very close Morocco – one of the largest cannabis suppliers in the whole world. And that means that plenty of top-drawer Moroccan hash makes it way to the island and can be snapped up cheap as chips. Tenerife really is heaven for hash aficionados. 

9. The home-grown

The Canarians also have a talent for growing great weed. You’ll often find unique local strains grown to the highest quality available in the clubs around the island. In fact, lots of small-batch producers mean that the opportunity to indulge in something exotic is always there. 

10. The imports

But don’t forget about the imports. Just as Cali weed is becoming the most sought-after weed in the UK, it’s widely available for sale in numerous cannabis social clubs in Tenerife. It may be much pricier than the local stuff, but boy is it a treat to spark up some genuine Cali-grown cannabis while chilling on the beach.

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