10 Reasons CBD Flower Is An Absolute Game-Changer

In case you haven’t heard, CBD hemp flowers are becoming one of the most popular CBD products around.

The low-THC, legally-grown hemp flowers are available to buy in the UK, Europe, and all 50 states of America. That’s right, you can now order CBD-rich cannabis to your front door and it’s perfectly legal.

But hemp flowers have hardly any THC and, therefore, won’t get you ‘high’. So what’s the point in buying CBD flower?

Here’re 10 reasons…

1. It won’t get you high

While many will see this fact as the major problem with CBD flower, not everyone consumes cannabis to get stoned. In fact, many people enjoy benefitting from the relaxed muscles and calm yet clear mind that CBD flowers provide.

2. It can relieve anxiety

The most common reason people use CBD products is to manage anxiety. That little beast affects us all at some points in our lives and CBD is one of the most effective treatments for it. It’s also 100% natural and extremely safe, unlike many commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medications.

CBD flower pre-roll from Hemp Botanics
CBD flower pre-roll from Hemp Botanics

3. It’s legal

While the laws are far from clear-cut, CBD flowers derived from legally-grown hemp plants and with negligible amounts of THC are considered legal in the UK, Europe and America.

A number of police forces are well aware of CBD flower being legally sold and have no interest in stopping it. There has already been a number of cases where the police have confiscated CBD flowers only to return them following a lab test confirms they have little to no THC.

If you find you get a little sketchy buying and smoking illegal goods, CBD hemp flowers maybe for you.

4. You can order it online

Yep, you can order CBD-rich cannabis buds on the internet and have it delivered to your front door in 24 hours.

By purchasing hemp flowers online, you also get to view lab reports that display the exact cannabinoid content, have a variety of strains to choose from, and can even track your package through the postal system.

Side note: Not once has a package containing CBD fowers not reached me (and I’ve ordered a lot).

CBD flower
CBD flower

5. You can get great quality buds

When hemp buds first became available online, they were stringy, had a low CBD content, and generally looked and smoked like bush weed, or schwag. Not any more. As the demand has increased, breeders have developed ever more dense, pungent, and potent buds.

Many of the hemp flowers now being sold are of top-shelf quality. They have a high CBD content, high terpene content, and smell and smoke beautifully. This is no ‘industrial’ hemp.

6. You can smoke it in public

As they are legal, technically you can smoke CBD flower in public. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as you do run the chance of upsetting people, especially law enforcement-type people, you will get away with it in some place.

For example, I was recently allowed to take two pre-rolled joints into a popular racing event at Ascot in the UK. Security was understanding and gave me the green light. I was surprised but proudly smoked my joints track-side in the open.

7. You get the ‘entourage effect’

Cannabis is widely thought to be most effective in a therapeutic setting when the whole plant is used. This way, the CBD works synergistically with other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and numerous other plant compounds to provide an enhanced effect.

Scientists have termed this the ‘entourage effect’ and it’s the reason why full-spectrum products are considered superior to single molecule CBD products. You can’t more full-spectrum than by using raw hemp buds themselves.

CBD Flower From HempElf
Lemon Skunk CBD Flower From HempElf

8. You can make your own extracts, edibles

As they are in their raw form, CBD hemp flowers can be used to make extractions, which can then be used in all manner of other products.

You could make your own CBD-infused butter or coconut oil; you could make your own CBD cosmetics; you could also make you own CBD vape juice by mixing it with a PG/VG solution. The possibilities are endless.

9. You can it smoke before work

Ever wanted to smoke some weed but couldn’t because you had to do something where you probably you shouldn’t be stoned, like going to work?

With CBD buds you can indulge your craving to smoke weed without getting the brain fog and red eyes that could make your boss suspicious.  

10. It can help reduce the negative effects of THC

THC-rich strains can cause some people to get anxious and paranoid. This is not uncommon and means some people can never truly enjoy the pleasures of cannabis.

Consuming CBD, however, can actually reduce these effects and make the high from THC more manageable and ultimately more enjoyable. If you’ve had unpleasant experiences with THC-rich weed, try mixing a little of it with CBD flower. There’s hope left for your relationship with cannabis yet!

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2 Comments on “10 Reasons CBD Flower Is An Absolute Game-Changer”

  1. Really interesting and informative article Jack.

    I’m still learning about CBD as a possible treatment for my mothers cancer she is on a terrible cocktail of drugs. I also have a rare knee tumour and also chronic anxiety (probably from depression from said illness and not being able to lead a more outgoing lifestyle) would prefer not to take painkillers and anti-anxiety meds everyday so looking for natural alternatives.

    After reading your articles and reviews I think I will give CBD flower a try and share my results.

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