10 Best Water-Soluble CBD Products In The UK

Did you know that only around 10% of CBD oil you swallow is absorbed? Even taking it sublingually (under the tongue) results in only 35% absorption rates at most (probably lower). 

The fact is, everytime we consume CBD oil, we are not getting even 50% of the cannabinoids present. It’s a waste – and not a cheap one considering the high prices of good CBD products in the UK. 

Which is why water-soluble CBD products may the more effective and economical option thanks to their increased bioavailability.

What is bioavailability?

When it comes to CBD products, there are many different types each with differing absorption rates. The absorption rate of a product is known dependent as its bioavailability (literally, its availability to the body). 

CBD oil is the most well-known CBD product. This can be taken orally (swallowed), sublingually (absorbed under the tongue), or topically (absorbed through the skin). CBD can also be inhaled via the lungs by vaporisation or smoking, or rectally with the use of CBD suppositories.  

Each of these methods are pretty wasteful, however. The most efficient method is inhalation via vaporisation, and it only has an absorption rate of just over 50%. This is a big increase compared to the roughly 10% absorption rates of taking CBD oil orally. 

Absorption rates of CBD products in the UK

Absorption rates vary between CBD products varies a lot. As well as the method of consumption, there may be other factors that determine absorption rates, such as gut health, food timing and the quality of the CBD product you’re using. 

CBD oil: 4-35% – Take CBD oil sublingually while eating a fatty meal for optimal bioavailability. 

CBD edibles: 4-20% – Again, for maximum absorption, eat alongside a fatty meal. 

CBD vapes: >56%

CBD flower: >56%

CBD topicals: >45%

CBD suppositories: 8-50%

What is water soluble CBD?

Cannabinoids are naturally fat-soluble, which means they mix well with oils, but not water. Therefore, water soluble CBD is a pretty recent innovation. 

While there are a variety of methods used, the basic premise is that the CBD molecules are broken apart and made small enough that they can effectively blend with water molecules. 

The idea is that smaller CBD compounds, or nanoparticles, will absorb more efficiently into the bloodstream this way.

Water soluble CBD is usually made using combining CBD with a micro-emulsifier at high pressure or with microscopic structures that can be used to encapsulate the CBD molecules. 

Is water soluble CBD better CBD oil?

There is a study that suggests that CBD encapsulated in nano-lipospheres are absorbed up to 600% more than oil-based CBD (in rats, at least). While this shows the efficacy of just one type of water-soluble CBD out of many, it does make sense that small CBD molecules are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Therefore, a high-quality water-soluble CBD product is going to be better value for money than your typical oil-based CBD product (probably around 80% of the current market). 

How to use water-soluble CBD

A great thing about water soluble CBD is its versatility. Not only can you mix it with water and other drinks, it can just as easily be sprayed or added to food. 

You can also use it sublingually by putting a few drops under your tongue. This method may well be the most efficient from a bioavailability standpoint as it avoids the gut altogether.  

10 best water soluble CBD products

1. EQL Water Soluble CBD 

Available in two unique blends – one with lemon, ginger, curcumin and black pepper, the other with zinc, sweet orange and ginger – this new range from EQL is the top of the range. Made from the highest quality hemp distillate, each 30ml bottle contains 500mg of CBD (that’s 16.6mg per ml) as well as minor amounts of CBG.

It’s advised to mix just one milliliter with 1 litre of water, which will provide a crisp, refreshing twang to the drink. The lemon and ginger flavour is slightly bitter while the orange one is a bit sweet. Pro tip: add 1ml to a cold bottle of sparkling San Pellegrino water. Thank us later. 

2. EasyMix CBD sachets

Probably the most versatile CBD product on the planet, these EasyMix CBD sachets can be added to any food or drink and will not affect the flavour at all. 

Each water soluble sachet has 7.5mg of broad-spectrum, flavourless CBD liquid, while each natural oil sachet has 10mg of broad-spectrum. Highly recommended for making CBD cocktails and and mocktails. Strawberry and mint CBD iced tea anyone?

3. CBDlifeUK Aquadrops

Golden-brown in colour, this full-spectrum water-soluble CBD is one of the best on the market. Along with 400mg of CBD/CBDa (the acidic precursor to CBD that has its own benefits) per 10ml bottle, there’s also minor amounts of CBC, CBN and THC. 

There’s also a nice profile of terpenes and added curcumin for powerful synergistic effect. 

4. Browns Water Soluble CBD

This water soluble CBD product from Brown’s is incredible value for money. Only £35 for 400mg of water-soluble CBD in a 10ml bottle. That’s pretty incredible. 

What’s also to like about this product is the combination of both CBD and CBDa , which has added benefits. Use code ‘HP10‘ for a 10% discount. 

5. Eden Aromata Water Soluble Hemp Extract

Eden Aromata products are always made with only the purest ingredients, and this water-Soluble extract is no different – it’s made from high-quality organic hemp flower grown in Switzerland. 

It comes with a practical pipette as well as a spray to make it easier to add to food and drink. Each 30ml contains 150mg of fast-acting CBD.

6. CBD Brothers

The Original Alternative’s (CBD Brothers) Purple Plus Edition contains 400mg of CBD and CBDa in a water-soluble carrier liquid. 

It is made with their hybrid, whole-plant extract and contains a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and added turmeric.

7. CBDX Water Soluble Spray

A nice water-soluble CBD spray here from CBDX. The extract has been infused with herbs and extra terpenes (from lavender, citrus, turmeric and black pepper extract) to complement the 400mg of CBD. 

The liquid also contains active chlorophyll from the hemp plant, which gives it a darker colour and a rich viscosity.

8. Enhance

Each 10ml bottle of 400mg water soluble CBD is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids derived from organically grown hemp plants with no use of pesticides or herbicides. 

9. Cannica

Thigh high-strength product has a whopping 1,500mg of water-soluble CBD in a 10ml bottle (that’s a huge 15%). It’s made with a full spectrum extract.

10. CannabidolPharm

With 250mg CBD, this water-soluble CBD product uses unique patented micelle technology. 

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